Hey everyone I know it's been a while but there is finally a whole mess of news brewing around here, I mean it is the summer which is the season of free freerecords! It's also been two years since we released our first two records! Holy shit! Anyway, let's get into it.

This month We Versus the Shark has covered a song by Lawrence Kansas's favorite melodic country sons, Drakkar Sauna and well basically makes it sound like a fucking nightmare. Click here to check it out but do not do so before you go to sleep!

NOW, let's get into it, real deep. We are pleased, no, thrilled to welcome two new bands into our nice little family:

FIRST IS Let Me Crazy from New York. This is something I've been waiting for for a while... Chris Baltrus and Jake Freemont of the Livingbrooks are making a fucking racket into an 8-track right now getting their first release ready for August. It's been six years since Night of the Livingbrooks and these new jams have definitely been living up to the wait they've been presented with. Check out some of the demos at their myspace and keep your eyes peeled here for new jams.

SECOND IS Cheap Girls from Lansing, Michigan. And also from 1993. And named after the band Tom Hanks manages in The Money Pit. This three-piece has been making a name for themselves by touring out to wherever Superdrag is playing and having really late parties at their house when I just wanna sleep! But seriously seriously, their newest record is quite good. I mean, look what this guy had to say about it:

"Beyond the sweet initial taste, 'Find Me a Drink Home' has strong bite. Much like loud pop icons Dinosaur Jr, Cheap Girls has a lot to say beyond the tight hooks and crushing volume. Ian Graham develops songs like conversations enveloped over a pint of whiskey: realizations come hard and peace of mind comes even harder. Even if these songs don't develop a conclusion, the reward is in the journey. Beneath the stunning power pop that shows off early 90's radio influences such as the Gin Blossoms and the Lemonheads, lies a rewarding depth not often found in songs this catchy."

Damn, dude! Cheap Girls are taking breaks between recycling the mess from last night and plotting out ways to get to this Dinosaur Jr./Meat Puppets show in New York to start work on their next record. But until then, we will be releasing the ultimate summer jam Find Me A Drink Home (which was produced by Rick Johnson of Mustard Plug and the Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine and Bomb the Music Industry!) on JULY 11th, just in time to say "Damn, I wish I had this on the 4th of July. Better have another barbecue."

Of course, Bomb the Music Industry!, The Matt Kurz One and Chotto Ghetto are hard at work on their next Quote Unquote releases. Rick Johnson probably is too. But that's another post for another day. This is the new shit! Get ready for it!

We Versus the Shark has released a new song on their gradually growing covers record Murmurmur. Check it out over in the albums section, ya'll. This one's a Scratch Acid cover and has drummer Scott screaming his pipes off. I also believe that We Versus The Shark will be releasing an album of great original songs some time this year, so look forward to that shit yeaaaaaaah!

Our friends in We Versus the Shark came up with a fun idea to release a new cover song on the first of the month every month this year and what better way to do that than through the legal grey area called the internet! So look forward to the first of the month every month in 2008, where We Versus the Shark will potentially turn you on to a new band you haven't heard, hopefully turn you on to We Versus the Shark themselves and most likely cover either a Deerhoof, McLusky or Future of the Left song at some point. WVTS + QUOTE UNQUOTE 4 LIFE SON!

Hey, guys. While we have been gritting our teeth with a lot of claims about labels and artists being revolutionary and changing the fucking whole industry maaaaaaan, we have not been able to shut up about our newest family members CHEEKY! They're fucking awesome and their new EP is available now in the albums section! Often with young bands ya get good songs, or at least they're played well, or at least it sounds good but this one has ALL THREE which is really rare! It's also encoded a lot better than our previous stuff. So FUCK YEAH! CHECK IT OUT!!!

It's been a while since I've rapped at ya, and it seems that a lot has happened in the "music industry" since then. It's also been the first chance that we've been able to celebrate a full year of us being a label. Looking at the Bomb the Music Industry! calendar, it seems that a lot of us were in St. Louis with good friends, drinking and playing pool on the official year anniversary which seems like a good way to unintentionally party on our birthday. If you're the kind of people who like numbers, well, we've made a couple thousand bucks in donations this past year which has gone to help record bands and pay for a lil' bit of tour support. Yeah, it's not as much as some other bands, but it's an awesome start for us! We really want to show our appreciation by showing you this hilarious dog on a unicycle in a top hat.

The end of 2007 is poised to be a very very busy one for us. This Tuesday, the internet release of a split between the O Pioneers and Bomb the Music Industry! will FINALLY see the light of day. After that, we have some surprises waiting in the wings for the month of December. You see, MOST record labels cannot release things in December; after Thanksgiving, stores don't have time to stock small CD's that aren't going to sell. That's why around Christmas time you see the usual piles of greatest hits, holiday songs and Now That's What I Call Music's. Thankfully for us, we don't give a fuck about stores! So watch out after Thanksgiving for some new bands that we're working with, some old bands that we're finally working with, some reissues maybe, shit, a comp with unreleased jams too.

And remember... it's all FREE. Well, if you're a good samaritan you could donate, but we'll let you hear the records first. It's funny how many phone calls we got about that Radiohead thing when it happened. People were saying that the music industry was finally going to change, Radiohead were ushering in a new era, blah blah blah, and what did we get up getting? Iffy bitrates, no album art, and not even a complete track listing of the next record. Granted, them giving their music away for free is a really nice gesture but when it's uncovered as marketing it doesn't seem as revolutionary. At the same time, the new Saul Williams record has just been release under a donation basis by another 90's-rock-legend-turned-flat-out-rock-legend. This record is available for free download, or a higher quality download for 5 bucks. And obviously, these records have gotten more press than the stable of Quote Unquote unknowns.

Is this a bummer? Who knows. But I think it's great that we've been able to do what we've done in the last year, and I think we can all learn from each other to take music away from the greedy people and just let it be music. We've got some ideas on how to make Quote Unquote better next year: higher bitrate records, lossless torrents, digital liner notes and more. As cheesy as it sounds though, the most important thing to us in what YOU think we should do to get you everything you would want from a band without the lawsuits. We opened up a thread on the Bomb the Music Industry! boards where we're taking suggestions... when we can figure out how to work computers better, we'll open our own board.

One of the first times I spoke with Brett from The Riot Before about doing a record together he had mentioned that he liked Quote Unquote because by donating, listeners are actively participating in an artist's career, therefore the art itself. At the risk of sounding like a motivational speaker, punk rock is in our hands and I really think we can make something awesome together, that will outlive hype, marketing schemes and the archaic structure of the current music industry. Fuck yeah, right?

Holy shit! And it's awesome! Go check it out over in the albums section right now, people! It's fucking free!

Hey, everyone. The long awaited Third Pegasuses EP is finally here. It is part of the Happy Happy Birthday To Me CD-R Club but those digital kamikaze pilots are releasing it for free on the internet as well! The record itself is kind of terrifying and totally awesome and you can check it out on the Quote Unquote Records Website. We are currently streaming a song from this EP on our myspace. Also, congratulations to Pegasuses-XL for two recent awesomenesses.

1) They will be putting out their next record with underground independent label Ernest Jenning Records, sharing a label with Saturday Looks Good To Me, Dalek, Health and many others. Right on, ya'll!!

2) More oddly, Pegasuses-XL are featured in I Like Food, Food Tastes Good, a rock and roll cookbook featuring recipes from The Hold Steady, NOFX, They Might Be Giants, The Violent Femmes and more.

check it all out ya'll!!

The first of a new slew of releases planned for the next couple of months is coming next Tuesday from California thrash/jazz/punk/etc four-piece Chotto Ghetto. The EP, Rampage, basically destroys. Although they channel influences such as Bad Brains, Glassjaw, Suicidal Tendancies and Fishbone, their sound truly is one of the most unique I've heard from a "hardcore" band in a while. We've uploaded a track so you could see for yourself before you check out the full album this Tuesday.
And just wait! This spring/summer there's a whole ton of shit coming out including new releases from The Matt Kurz One, The Riot Before, Pegasuses-XL, Bomb the Music Industry! and Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine. Plus it looks like we're gonna be putting together a compilation/sampler that harken back to the days when those Fat and Asian Man comps seemed to introduce people to new bands, instead of samplers today which just try to get you to buy Victory CDs from Best Buy. Nag nag nag.
Enjoy Chotto Ghetto and check them out on tour with Bomb the Music Industry! this spring!

New re-issue! 2007 plans!
We have exciting Quote Unquote Records news. In 2007, we are welcoming some great bands into the Quote Unquote family from all over the country... Satori, The Riot Before and Chotto Ghetto. Satori hails from the Bay Area in California and plays some smooth soulful reggae. You might have heard of these guys before - their last record was on Asian Man Records and Steve used to be in a small crust punk band from the 1980's called the Rx Bandits. The Riot Before are an amazing pop-punk band from Richmond, VA reminiscent of Dillinger Four, Jawbreaker and Against Me! I saw them in a basement a few months ago and they blew me away. Now they will blow you. Away. Chotto Ghetto are the Bad Brains in the late 80's. Except they're from Southern California. And they use a trumpet. And way less effects on their guitars. All these bands will be releasing EP's in 2007 and will make me a million billion dollars.

I guess I spoke too soon about the warm weather, but I didn't speak too highly of Night of the Livingbrooks. As I was listening to it while uploading it yesterday, it's still just as good as the first time i heard it. It doesn't sound like it's from 2001. It doesn't sound like it's from 2006. It doesn't sound like it's from 1980. It sounds (gasp) timeless. Anyway, turn on your soft lights, turn up the space heaters and check out Night of the Livingbrooks here. Thanks a lot to everyone who has donated money to keep Quote Unquote going this year. We've got exciting thing planned for all of our bands, new and old next year and we're looking forward to continuing to bring ya awesome music. Have a good holiday season, maybe next year the global warming can last all the way through Christmas. Let's keep our fingers crossed.


Celebrate Christmas by Not Buying Shit!
Here's the deal, because retailers refuse to stock them, record companies do not release records around Christmas time - unless it is a greatest hits or holiday classics or whatever the fuck. Since I don't have to actually release physical records, since it's been like 100 degrees out every day this holiday season and since I have to drive to New York for christmas in a few days, I felt now would be the appropriate time to release something new. Or new-ish. I am talking about Night of the Livingbrooks by the Livingbrooks, a Long Island punk rock band that released brilliant music that will no longer go unheard. Seriously guys, this is the best record of the summer and since it feels like summer and I'm sure everyone has hours of trekking to meet up with their families in the coming weeks, we could all use some new tunes for our warm travels. The record will be posted Friday morning 'cause I don't have to wait until Tuesday 'cause I don't release physical records!

December (not the one by Collective Soul)
It turns out that The Rick Johson Rock and Roll Machine can release great EP's quicker than I can make poorly worded news updates. You can check out his December single here.

Sufjan Stevens' Evil Twin
True to his word, The Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine has released his seventh four-song single in his year-long monthly singles collection. You can check out his November single here.

Holla-Ween! H2O
If you live in Georgia, go to the Secret Squirrel in Athens, GA around 9:00 where members of Pegasuses-XL, Bomb the Music Industry! and the Matt Kurz One will be playing a rare set of drunken Replacements covers, alongside Bruce Springsteen and McLusky cover bands as well as fucking Cinemechanica. Holy shit!

To celebrate Halloween, Quote Unquote will be releasing the much sought after Arrogant Sons of Bitches' This Is What You Get. This release is from a show in Halloween, where the Long Island ska band (featuring members of Bomb the Music Industry!) performed twelve Radiohead covers live! One time only! And we've heard that people in more important bands like it! Holy fuck! Happy Halloween! Check back on October 31st!

The Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine has finally released the much anticipated music video for "Snack Attack!!!" from his record Six Crappy Months Pt. 1 on Quote Unquote Records. Click here to watch this AMAZING video. Do it! DO IT!

Thanks for getting in touch with us about the problems with certain bands music. We are in the process of re-uploading everything that is broken. As of now you can FINALLY download individual tracks from Pegasuses-XL and Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine. Starting tomorrow you'll be able to download the whole albums in one zip file. Sorry for the wait, thanks for being patient!

We received word from Asbestos Records that they are currently taking pre-orders for Bomb the Music Industry!'s To Leave or Die in Long Island. The mini-album was originally released digitally in 2005, and we are really excited to see it come out on vinyl in November of 2006. There will be three variations of colored vinyl as well as a super rare picture disc. All the pressings are SUPER limited (the picture disc is only 100 pieces!) and Asbestos will ship it out as soon as they get them. A portion of the proceeds from this record will be going to benefit the Nuci Space in Athens, GA. They provide free to cheap mental health care, checkups, and other nice stuff to musicians and artists in Athens. Thanks guys!

Click here for more information on this pre-order. Click here to download this album digitally for free! (or donations!!)

Alright, I know it took a while but that's 'cause we didn't wanna half ass it. Welcome to the launch of the Quote Unquote Records website! This is the first ever (as far as we know) donation-based record label. Albums by BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY!, THE MATT KURZ ONE, PEGASUSES-XL and THE RICK JOHNSON ROCK AND ROLL MACHINE will all be available on quoteunquoterecords.com for free at MIDNIGHT OCTOBER 10TH! EST! We will be having a record label launch party at the Quote Unquote house. No guests will be attending. Click here to read the snazzy press release about it.

I could get into mission statements, ethos and all that boring stuff right now, but I don't think it's necessary. Poke around the site and I think you'll pretty much figure out what we're all about; free music, awesome music and friendliness. So, I guess it's the opposite of Vivendi-Universal. Stick with us, kids! We're going places! Enjoy!