Michigan mastermind Rick Johnson Rock And Roll Machine is revolutionizing the new man-and-machine trend by actually pulling it off. Using synthesizers and drum machines mixed with face-melting fuzz bass, he creates an original sound with hints of Devo, Big Black, The Clash and Billy Bragg. Rick has taken the time out of his busy schedule, touring with ska greats Mustard Plug, to write and record four songs every month. We are excited to be releasing the best of the first half of this year-long series upon the launch of our label/website.

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1. I Hate Prison! Prison Sucks!
2. You're Like School On Sunday... No Class
3. I Am A Scientist
4. Jobless = Worthless
5. Suck Out My Eyes and Spit Them On the Screen
6. I'm Surrounded By Assholes and Racists
7. 80vs90
8. IMAproduct
9. Jeans
10. Private Life
11. Snack Attack!!
12. Strike First Strike Hard
13. What Has Happened To Me

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I Hate Prison! Prison Sucks!

The title of this was taken from the movie POOTIETANG. If you haven't seen it you should go rent it. Trust me. Another song about the war in Iraq yeah i know it is getting boring. Originally this song was for a project Jeff Rosenstock are doing. But it fits so well as a Rock and Roll Machine song that I taking it back. Sorry Jeff.

drowning in quick sand time running out.
lead the people ignore their scream and shouts.
a picture perfect revolving line in the sand.
jumping into things with no exit plan.
hoping to find a way
absolutely no time to slay the dragon that we all pay.
hoping to find a better way.
look at the beauty in your cries
a frying pan right in between your eyes.

You're Like School On Sunday... No Class

Another song about racism. more about the fact i don't understand how in this day in age people still think it is alright to throw around racial slurs.

Look at yourself and man kind thing your better in your
get out a book and you'll find we're the same inside.
we must put difference aside we must expand the mind.
i hate to see what your children think.

I Am A Scientist

this one is by guided by voices and this version couldn't be further from the original. Bob Pollard is such a good songwriter it is unfortunate i slaughter his song

Jobless = Worthless

I got laid of/quit my job and for the first time in about 8 years i have been without a job. while searching for jobs and filling out online applications. I got real bummed out and felt like a bum and that without a job i am pretty much worthless to society, my family, girlfriend, and people around me. also this about being over qualified to work at places where you are applying for and then not getting the job because even though you have years of experience employers for some reason aren't looking for that.

try i might it is what they're giving me
out of site it's what they're giving me.
gotta get a gotta get a job pay the rent boy your going to work in a mall for the minimum wage parlay vou francais don't want to work in a mall.
experience need not a apply don't want to wear a shirt and a tie for the minimum wage parlay vou francais i don't want to wear a shirt and a tie.

Suck Out My Eyes and Spit Them On the Screen

About Television and how it is ridiculous that the same show gets recycled over and over again. which of course is considered a hit. this happens while shows like arrested development gets canceled.

waste of time emptiness inside detriating minds the network controls the time. of the schedules that they let you see. these
programs will not set you free situation comedies. set your mind free smash your t.v.s. a bloating industry blindly leading thee. a bloated industry will not conquer me!

I'm Surrounded By Assholes and Racists

this is about working with people that have the complete opposite views that you have. i am not talking about musical tastes but about race issues and politics.

it takes my ability to rise of above. ten hours a day is too much
to pay for money for having some fun. an opportunity just passed me by i'm dealing with these assholes who keep on asking me why. it complicates things your racist eyes. you're finally someone who i wouldn't mind if they would die. an opportunity just passed me dealing with these assholes who keep on asking me why. and i will see you on the street or in the store or in the car and if we meet i will scream you can only go so far!


My first attempt at trying to write a straight folk song ala Neil Young or Joan Baez. The original version of this was straight folk. so i decided to twist it around and make it folk with a synth bass. It may or may not work? this month i also realized that i can now say "remember 15 years ago" and certain people i talk to wont have any idea. Kind of also about being better then the youth of today because i had to put quarters in a machine to play video games while they sit in their parents living room.

i was born in the 80's when everybody wanted to be investment bankers. i never wanted to be famous but the internet would beg to differ. i played miss pac man in a pizza parlor in grand haven michigan and conned my brother into giving me quarters. that is my difference from you.

you were born in the 90's when everybody dress like they were from the 60's and by the time i finished high-school the whole world had been digitized. you play play-station in your
parents living room. and base your relationships in virtual worlds. that's my difference from you.


When I started touring with this project i started getting really creeped out because i realized that I am a product. While if you are in a band the group of people you are in the band with is a product. when it is just you it is really weird. Trying to half ass sell yourself, doing interviews, and talking to people at clubs is really really weird.

i'm a product not unlike a computer or an inanimate object. do you know what it is like to be a marketed product? what's it like to be a marketed product? an internal burn. i finalized my turn. it's a job in dates mastermind mistakes.


Highschool was such a wonderful time for so many people. I decided to write a song about my experiences. j.c. penney's, shit being thrown at my head, etc. compare and relate people. i rip off grandmaster flash in this song.....download "It's Nasty"

i saw a picture of you in a sombrero it was a fixture as chilling as a george romero film. and the thought of your teeth pressed against my lips. is a sign of termination calling quits. your battle of high-school politics with a signature j.c. penny shopping fix. a bottle of cement flying against my skull. interweaving star wars exploding hull. i'm finding the direct application to reside a corporate misdirection copy paste and f9.

Private Life

Oingo Boingo is the ultimate creepy/halloween/weird band. initially i was going to do four oingo boingo songs for this but it ended up getting boring!

Snack Attack!!

I like candy candy likes me. I have no cavities. jealous??

these chocolate mints are ruining my mind. thankfully my genes are very kind. i have been blessed with strong enamel teeth so strong they could cut through metal. dentists will all agree that i am in no pain from all this candy. SNACK ATTACK no cavities don't give me no flak.

Strike First Strike Hard

loosely about this girl i accidentally made drop out of college by calling her a hypocrite and a waste of space. sue me i am an asshole! also, the strike first part in the middle i ripped off from the rappers guild who originally did it. also, the weekend in the college line was directly from the steely dan song "reelin in the years" i was listening a lot to that song when i went to record this and i felt it was fitting.

101 avoids the son of the college education that was based on the endeavor of the cordless trip. pushed to the brink of the profolatic expression of the hypothetical abortion tricked into sin of the english speaking hyde. soon we will all know. Strike First strike hard no mercy sir. you've been telling me you're a genius since you were 17 i still can't figure out what all that means. the weekend in the college didn't turn out like you planned thanks steely dan. soon we will all know.

What Has Happened To Me

This Goes out to suburban housewifes in their H2s and cell phones. this was recorded in 2 takes. 1 take for the guitar and vocals and another take to put my 2nd vocal track on. i was going to make it into a full song but i liked this version so much better.

watching the windows and watching the halls i find people content with malls surrounded me. they're happy with society happy with humanity happy with their men and happy with prosperity. but they can't see! they can't see! what has happened to me.