There's no way to say all of this without sounding preachy, so just try to keep in mind we are not under the impression that we are better than anyone. In fact all of our artists generally have something to sell at live shows, whether it be limited edition vinyl or a t-shirt. We are just trying to do something different because different = fun. Quote Unquote Records is a donation-based record label. We have simple goals which is to put out good music, put out fun music and help our artists get heard. Record labels are failing miserably right now, and I'm pretty sure that is because they are trying to sell CDs. Aside from maybe the latest NOW compilations and that Red Hot Chili Peppers double disc (that was a shocker!), CD sales ain't doin' so hot. That's because people just download it anyway.

While some people who are very uncomfortable with embracing a new technology swear that this is going to kill rock and roll, I have seen first hand that it helps bands increase their audience and allows fans to discover tons of great bands. Then, usually at a show, people will buy a CD or something if the band is really good.

if you are diggin' what we're doing, please toss us some money so we can continue to grow and maybe start something new. I mean seriously, a million labels selling CDs, there's gotta be one that's giving them away, right? To download our catalog, click on the little albums link on the left and if you like an artist, please donate the suggested price. Even though we all try to record these albums on our own, your donations help us to eat on tour, pay for promotion and hopefully one day, allow us to do some cool stuff that "real" bands with "labels" do - like recording and packaging records. Fuck, with your help, maybe we can even change this stupid stupid underground music industry from fashionista indie labels back to friendly songwriters and nerds.
Thanks a lot for stopping by. Hope you enjoy.

The best way to correspond with Quote Unquote Records for right now, is to contact us is, sadly, to contact us through our myspace page, which is http://www.myspace.com/quoteunquoterecords. Our e-mail server is pretty much taken up entirely by our paypal account. If you NEED to contact us via e-mail, you can write to info@quoteunquoterecords.com, however there is no guarantee that will be read. What a bunch of bullshit, right?

People have already asked me a bunch of questions about the label. It is kind of a weird thing, a tricky thing and definitely not a label that has anything set in stone other than the fact that all of our music is available for free. These are some things people have been confused about.

Will you sign my band?
Sorry, but probably not. We are a very young label, and we are still grappling with trying to release music that we've been thinking about releasing for a while. The good news is that we don't own the idea of putting up music online for a suggested donation, so you could do this all yourself! That would probably even be more fun than running around trying to find some stupid label to release your music.

Fine... you "won't" sign my band. But will you "listen" to my demo?
If you bring a demo to any show that the bands on this label are playing, there's a decent chance that we'll listen to it in the van at some point. But since we're not very good at finding nice ways to say "no thanks" or even remembering to get back to people, that won't do you much good, unless you're the next Smoosh.

Why do you hate having artwork and a CD you can hold in your hand, asshole?
Hey. As a graphic designer, I LOVE having a record and I read through the booklets over and over again, and I check out who made the artwork. I have even bought CDs just because of their packaging and artwork in recent memory (anything that Steak Mtn. does is amazing.) However, while I understand the importance of a record in its tangible form, I always feel that the MOST important thing on a kick ass record is kick ass songs. Our goal at Quote Unquote Records is to release music from artists who do things on a small scale and we feel that internationally distributing this songs immediately for free is an amazing way to get some albums by artists that we think are incredibly underrated to more people. We also wishfully hope that this might inspire kids who are starting bands NOW to get a little bit less bogged down in the consumer culture that has become synonymous with our punk scene. We feel really fortunate that a lot of cool bands want to be a part of it already. In the future, we hope the donations will allow us to release some music in more tangible forms - I have been experimenting with some cheap packaging ideas involving spray paint, cardboard, stencils and glue for the Bomb the Music Industry! records - and maybe even some vinyl in the future. In fact, the Pegasuses record is already available in Athens, GA, we are just making it widely available.

So I get it, you think you're punk. Then why ask for donations?
We ask for donations because we feel that the albums up there are worth something, and donations will provide us the ability to continue to release music that we think is killer for free to everyone. The prices for donations are not high and we are appreciative of each one.


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