sea wolf

sea wolf

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Swimming and eating a diet of seafood, the Sea Wolf is genetically distinct from inland wolves living in the same area. They are a creature which exists at the boundary of two worlds, said to live with “two paws in the ocean and two paws on land.” Living most of my life in San Jose—between San Francisco and Santa Cruz, not-quite- city not-quite- suburb—and feeling out of place in most categories, I’ve long been interested in liminal spaces and states of overlap. The Sea Wolf is emblematic of this territory: a wild, nomadic creature, whose only home is in-between.

Every sound on this track was generated through a guitar, either electric or acoustic. Largely improvised and composed in about a day, it is the first of a series of guitar experiments I plan on doing throughout 2018, and (I think) a step into a new territory for me creatively. I hope you enjoy the lay of the land here in between.

22 January 2018
San Jose, CA