Whelmed is a three-piece punk band from Bloomington Indiana making great Jawbreaker/Fifteen-esque political pop punk. This seven-inch was released on Salinas Records last year, I picked it up when we were on tour and thought it just kicked ass. Fuzzy guitar leads, catchy melodies, once the record ended I just put it on again. Whelmed rocks. Enjoy!

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1. Song For Ian Stark
2. Empty Vessel
3. Leech
4. Slow Jam

Ginger Alford - Drums & Vocals
Nick Romy - Guitar & Vocals
BZ Gibbs - Bass

These songs were recorded by Patrick Jennings at his house in April 2016 in Bloomington, Indiana.

If you want to get in touch, write to us at nmromy@gmail.com

Thanks to Salinas Records for making this thing possible!

Be great to each other.
Stay punk forever.

Thanks to Emily Timm for designing everything.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.



Shalom Community Center in Bloomington is an all-inclusive resource center people who are living in poverty and experiencing its ultimate expressions: hunger, homelessness, and a lack of access to basic life necessities.


The cold cut to the bone
And then it cut him down
huddled in a stairwell
with no one else around
The whiskey didn't warm
but I hope it eased the pain
Did it even make a sound?

His options running out
he ran away from home
lost but not forgotten
with nothing left to own
dropped across county lines
bruised and battered down
addiction taking hold

How many will die
hungry, broke, and beset?
How many will follow
pushed aside without regret?
How often do I wake
safe, warm, and loved?
Sometimes I forget.

We take for granted every day
the bluff on which we tread
the fall from grace is short
the vultures all well fed
disheartened though we are
we take power from this pain
for we did not know the person
but now we know his name


If you scratch the surface
You won't have far to go
To find my open, empty hand
If you tear the seam
The rest is sure to follow
Take me for what I am
What I am

Blood and muscle
Skin and bone
An empty vessel
A happy home
Fear and doubt
A crooked smile
I hope I
Am worth your while

Every crack and crevasse
Every dividing line
You can draw them in my mind
Follow me
To places I can't hide
Burn it out from the inside
From the inside


I have walked alone
I have fallen to my knees
I have made it out alive despite myself
But these arms of mine
Can't lift half of what they want
Still struggling to ask for help

Like the winter moon
I hear you calling out my name
And my strength comes rushing like a flood
If you pick me up
I'll carry you someday
Just know that I may draw some blood

Dear friend of mine
I'll ask in time

Bleed me


Is this the best that we can do?
Just pry ourselves out of bed?
Find a job that we don't hate
Give up, grow up, and hate each other instead?

Like a stinger left behind
A poisoned well from which we drink
Shut your shit-storm of a mouth
Some silence helps you think

I remember your room
Drinking coffee to pass the time
I didn't even know your name
now you cringe when you hear mine

Sometimes I'm glad you're gone
Sometimes I wish you'd call
Never asking, never wondering
Or is there nothing left at all?

Maybe we'll do better next time.