Columbus Ohio's Good Shade, aka Shane Natalie, has made an epic record with Lunch. The record freely flows between power-pop, garage rock, 77 punk, psychedelic shit and it's all catchy and energetic and fun. Throw on yr headphones and get lost in it, baby!!!

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1. Intro
2. 1st World Comic Book
3. Old Hats
4. This Is The Best One
5. Night Walk
6. Dearth
7. Styrofoam
8. Novembird
9. Free Lunch
10. God's Pawns
11. Freezer Burn
12. Puppet World
13 & 14. Garbage In, Garbage Out
15. Outro

All songs written, recorded and mixed by Shane Natalie in the spring/summer of 2016 between the hours of 7-11AM using a series of bleeps and bloops along with technology. Mastered by David Willingham at the Echo Lab in Denton, TX.

VOX, Guitars, Synths, Percussion- Shane Natalie

Artwork by Derek Coalter and Good Shade
Exclusive 125 run AF Records Jacket by Evan Wolff

Vinyl produced at Musicol in Columbus Ohio.
Jackets manufactured by Solid Manufacturing

Current Performing Lineup:
Shane Natalie- Vox, Guitar
Joe Camerlingo- Guitar, Harms
Patrick Matanle- Bass
Austin Eilbeck- Drums

Thanks to: Austin Eilbeck, Ryan Eilbeck, Patrick Matanle, Derek Coalter, Evan Wolff, Jon Washington, Aaron Johnson, Joshua Long, Emily Jimmerson, David Willingham, Hillary Jones, Pat Crann and Shout Out Loud Prints, AF Records, Jeff Rosenstock and Quote Unquote Records, CSBYS, Used Kids Records, Kendra Sheetz, Dave Nobody, Alex Lichtenhour, Carl Athey, David Combs, Izzi Krombholz, The Sidekicks and all friends/bands/acquaintances/houses/bars that I have missed. Thanks to everyone who has helped and thank YOU for your support.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


1st World Comic Book
Unconventional Cleveland's doped up constipated frauds
Unconditional hatred
We're regressing to the 1960s

Your time is Truman Show
A celebrity episode on Nick at Nite

There's an awkward silence in the kitchen full of disillusioned ears
How many wrinkled faces will it take to disappear?

There's still common bullshit on the menu with tradition valued.
Same old souls soul-searching for a brand new set of lives to ruin.

Your real is unrealistic

Cursed world
It follows
I'm aware, it's not fair I know

It's just problems problems everywhere
Same old problems everywhere
Same white problems everywhere
1st world comic book

It's a sick, sad world you'll grow up in
Find a different light therein
Make a point to laugh at them
1st world comic book.

Old Hats
Who still...
Buys it?

I'm half a joke myself.

Cyber facelift
Attack it.


Are you awake?
Are you tired?
Are you bored?
You're fired.
Are you in?
Are you out?
Are you there?

This Is The Best One?
This is the best one?
This is the best one yet?

I don't like the state we're in.
I'm not hovering around this mold infested hole
Corporate dialect elect
I won't talk to anyone...
This interesting culture.

Night Walk
Walking at night is not the same although it's just as innocent
We're all ingrained to

Fear it
Faster, you won't hear it crawling along
It's just a shadow of a dark day
Everyone's a shark day
Follow along
Get away from me I don't get it

Peppered on opinions
Some people's heavy handed macho egos
Make way for menly men Napoleon complex
Is now the mandate in a world that's breeding entitled human waste

It's a mess

You're just as scared now
You're just as scared as them
You've got your arms crossed

A cross won't save you now
A cross will save you? How?
Across from all of this?

You have your own books
You have your own looks
You love the raffle now
It's consolation to a vicious cycle
Drunk at the wheel
It's incubated in ya
They know what's right for you
I know what's right for you
I have my own way to
Still you'll do it again
Yes you'll do it again
Made a story from nothing
Now you'll grow into...

Imaginary yet still unstoppable
It's hard to fathom how some people never molt.
It's just a business
None of my business
But it affects me

They know it's right for you
I know it's right for you
Made a story from nothing
A knot that's tied into nothing
Yet you'll wander and wonder as you ponder and plunder at the expense of dearth.

You're just as scared
You have you arms
You have your own books
You love the raffle
They know what's right
I know you're better
I think you're wrong
Image of fumbling

Heads down everyone!
Who the hell are you all talking to?
I need this soul to separate
Oil and water, disassociated
Keep my mouth closed now
A time, a place but not (for)debate
It's a wasteful shame you came and went so silently
They won't bother...

You're good and you should keep reminding everyone to smile around and stop repenting and...
All these words won't change the way you spent the day but momentarily...
Your god's gone

They won't be a nuisance anymore
They won't be as selfish anymore
They won't plan on bothering you anymore.

This fall has a beautiful horizon
More leaves will shrivel and die
This awful lot a lot of chitchat
What hell we're proud of

Let it burn out slow
We're so confused
It's all we have
We loved you

I'm struggling to keep up with attention
All common decency will die
Rebuilding with a graphic lack of reason
This hopeless hopefulness a hopeful lie

Let it burn out slow
Then speed things up
We're so amused
We love you

Free Lunch
Grab yourself a Styrofoam tray for free lunch
Beggars can't be choosing satisfaction anymore
You'll be hungry soon

Throw all of your dignity away with your lunch
You are not a person, you're an asshole... don't you know?
It's not an option anymore
You'll need to save some more for...
You'll need to save some

God's Pawns
God's pawns pillage the Earth and still it's all for good looks
All for nothing
God's swans spreading their wings with fire
Open your arms
It's disgusting
There's nothing up ahead

God's spell spelling it out but no one can comprehend a one dimensional
Textbooks failing to site or see
Are you dry of attention?

There's nothing up ahead
I hate to be letting you down
You're disappointed
There's nothing up ahead
And I'm the crazy one?
I'm the lazy one?
Yes I'm the hazy one.

Freezer Burn
Frozen meals all in a row
Frozen heads too
There are frozen speckles on a map going somewhere

Get a little lost in a row and try to shelf yourself
Fallen off the price of demand, now all the plants are dry
Cry yourself to sleep just for an hour
Cry yourself to sleep it's only job sick, full of indigestion, bureau work.

Puppet World
There's more pressure weighing in overwhelming who I was and who I am
Every year is not the same but it's getting harder to remember the things I did

There is no deadline that affects us here
I know there will be more time

Swollen, simple minds pull the strings to our world

Wake up craving yesterday
I need some healthier benchmarks in my life now
It's a good thing we're away
Fragments of some negative views
I have a few

I'm turning into a person I despise
I'm turning in... it's been a drawn out daytime.

Garbage In/Garbage Out
Let's take another walk while it's still warm
I need another friend to burn a bridge
Let's take another lap around
Let's not go back there

If you miss a step I'll be around to help you out

Can't go outside now
We'll wait it out.
Glare out the window watching young ones lose all
All their common sense thrown up into the street
The poster children

These poster children mold
These future spores out in the world
This is not the way
No one knows the right way out
This is not the right place
All of their unhealthy air

I know you're going with your gut

I sit for an hour and feel disgusted with Me.
Unproductive neutral instincts
I can't be along
I won't like that

Make my dust some that I don't want to blow away

There are things in the world that make me happy but just a few
There are things in the day that I look forward to.
Mostly you

We can't be alone, we need our friends.
Make my footprint one I'm proud of
Make my dust approved
Make my existence hopeful
Make your fake, cruel god go away

Keep your ghost away.