For the past decade plus, San Jose has been the secret home to a lot of awesome music, particularly this noisy noodly fuzzy messy pop that has influenced bands all over the country, a bunch of whom ended up pretty successful while the San Jose scene remained in the shadows. Yulia is made up of a few members of some of my favorite San Jose bands, Shinobu and The Albert Square. A lot of people heading into adulthood and down different life paths might approach their later records under with subdued performance under the false guise of seeming "mature."

Instead of that bullshit, Yulia blast out of the gate like a cannonball slamming a 40 oz. Yes, heartbreak sucks, getting older sucks, the intangible feeling of being lost and longing for some mysterious solution as life goes on fucking sucks. But going to house shows and screaming as loud as you can will never not be fun. Props to Yulia for making a fun as fuck, loud as fuck pop-punk record without sugarcoating any truth.

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1. Close Your Eyes
2. Tomobiki High
3. Sheila
4. Amos
5. Reversible Destiny
6. Mima's Room
7. Consolation Miracle
8. Point Break
9. Drinking All Night
10. 2-Hi
11. Tell Me A Joke

Yulia is:
Sim Castro: Guitar, Vocals
Francisco Duarte: Bass
Jon Fu: Drums
Bob Vielma: Guitar, Vocals

Recorded by Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden

Thanks to Hank Richardson, Kevin Na, Evan Metcalfe-Church, Sean Kavanaugh, Olivias, The French Exit

Big Boys Fall Hard™

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


Close Your Eyes
Close your eyes, drink the melody down deep
Drink until you're drunk and drunken never felt so sweet
Search every day for some small peace and guard it deep inside
I know one day I'll find that peace
I feel it deep inside of me

Tomobiki High
My darling has green hair and a yellow skirt, flying over Tomobiki High
Lightning bolts sizzle from her fingertips in vivid color, but I'm trapped in black and white
On the day I was struck by a falling star an old man shuddered as he passed me by
She's so pure, I'm a curse upon the earth
When I see her, oh, I feel like I could die!

Could she ever love me?
I know I would only bring her down

Sheila came to me in a dream
I watched her dance and sing, radiating in the void
When she spoke to me I didn't understand
Yet her smile was tender as she extended her hand to me

Sheila, standing by the gate in a golden sundress, staring at her shoes
I took the last train home listening to her songs

Heaven help me! doe eyes smiling!
It may be love when you’re looking at him but not at me
because i’m kinda like the enemy
you grit your teeth when you look at me
and i might be my worst enemy

Heaven help me! doe eyes laughing!
and i hate to be so arrogant but he’s not me
and i’m knowing that he’ll never be
i can see why you spit when you think of me
i know that i’m my worst enemy

and i know that you would have waited
and waiting is something that you would have hated
and i hate to think you would have waited
when we know that it would have faded

Reversible Destiny
Woke up blinded by the sun
Forgot for a moment the stupid things I'd done
Saw you smiling at me, I couldn't meet your eyes
I hope I don't remember them at all

We danced and made eyes in the dark
Opened my eyes but you didn't disappear
I still hear you laughing, I couldn't drown it out
I hope I don't remember it at all
I hope I don't remember you at all

Mima's Room
Everybody's laughing at me now
My reflection's laughing at me now
In my room where everything's a mess, wearing my very best pink dress

All my friends are happier without me now
Behind my back I can hear them trying to tear me down
In my room I'm all alone, drowning in the ether all alone

When it all falls apart let it all fall down
Watch it all fall down
It's not your fault

Consolation Miracle
he shows those wings
black filthy things
the word of God is lyrical
settle for a consolation miracle
and never doubt that his suffering would burn them out
"leave him in a cage to sleep it off!"

but with those wings!
angelic things!
prove that god is lyrical
and they’ll settle for a consolation miracle
and never doubt that his suffering will burn him out
"stick him in a cage to sleep it off!"

Point Break
Maggie, you took me in your home, treat me like your kin
Always with a keen story to tell
Watching movies, the worst we've ever seen
Still you spend the night with me in our jammies drinking tea

Is it time for me to grow up?
Because Tokyo's a Neverland, I know, where we'd all have just enough to money to blow on girly drinks and dance clubs
But I'd get too drunk and spill all of our drinks
So I have to go back to my home now

Drinking All Night
We’ve been drinking all night we’ve been drinking all night
and you know it’s okay, i can sleep in through the morning
because we’ve been drinking all night to the point that i’m a sight
and you know it’s okay i can sleep in through the morning haze

I’m always full of hot air, even sinking to the floor
burn the bridge and turn it into ashes
and we’ll float away, i’ve got nothing left i’d say
burn it off, blow it out and sink into my old age

Sung like a canticle, freedom fanatical
these habits die so hard
when you’re jealous of their youthful displays
and you’ve given up on being grown up
the past becomes so clear
it wasn’t all that great

I flew so high that my highs started feeling real low
Now I'm lower than low
You make me high, so high you don't even know
Now I'm lower than low
I got so high that my highs started feeling real low
Now I'm lower than low

You make me high

Tell Me a Joke
It’s days and weeks and months just like this
the vinegar and all the piss you
feel your body filling with
because your knuckles turn white when your hands turn to fists

can you please let me out
i think i’m about to drown
and i never made a sound

you can tow the line and pretend you’re fine
it’s like a kudzu vine eating dandelions
it’s a joke you’ve told so many times
it’s got perfect cadence and a forced punch line

can you please let me down
or else i’m falling out
and i never made a sound...