You will like Atlanta's Art School Jocks. Their debut EP has five catchy pop songs with unconventional song structures, juxtaposing clean jangly guitars against waves of fuzz and comforting harmonies with distressing real shit lyrics. Their self-described "existentialist basement pop" is perfect for staring at the sun and wondering what the fuck is going to happen to this shit world.

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1. Laundry In
2. Suffering Prom
3. Nina
4. Just A Gwen
5. Inside Joke
6. Catdog
7. Laundry Out

Drums and Vocals: Ali Bragg
Bass and Vocals: Camille Lindsley
Guitar and Vocals: Deborah Hudson
Guitar and Vocals: Dianna Settles

Recorded and produced in our basement late summer 2016 by Rob Gal
Mixed by Rob Gal and ASJ
Mastered by Rob Gal

Ep Thanks:

Rob Gal, Telly, Witt, JB, the Shin-Hudson family, Kristiann, Kitty Magik, Opal, The Wild, Mutual Jerk, Femignome, Jeff Rosenstock/Quote Unquote Records, Hira & Tracy/Ecology Records, Japanese Breakfast, Billy, Gabriela, Jeanette, Louisa, Steve, Yoon & Bobby, Boboso, Taylor, Bryan, Black Lives Matter, the Water Protectors, Politically Re-Active, Prince, David Bowie, Rihanna, Beyonce, Oasis, Arbor Labor Union, and Mark Sprayberry (for the tanning bed).

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.



Suffering Prom

Suffering from withdrawals, I'm dying


Once the lethargy sets in I've got no means to exorcise it
Drop the superlatives, they feel awkward and I don't like it
Black Lives Matter to me
Remember all who came before thee

Just A Gwen 

Keep your hair short
Lock your doors
Always have someone walk you to your car

Cover your legs
Watch your drink
In fact, just never let them buy you a drink

Carry your keys between your knuckles
You never know who's trying to follow you home
Smile back and say you're sorry
You shouldn't be out this late alone

I want to feel comfort walking alone
I want to feel sureness
I want to be certain dark is just night

Inside Joke

For the season you cut meat out
Of your diet you're healthier now
Healthy is happy 
Happy is to be whole

Part time position at the coffee shop
Like like like hegemony an inside job
Like 9/11 an inside job
Like surprise parties an inside job
Eco-disaster an inside job


When you arch your back at me
It's not a matter of sensuality 
It's more tension [that] I see
A chance meeting of a dog and cat in the street
When you arch your back at me

You slept straight through the night
Blue glow of the hotel lights
Crawled through your bedroom blinds
Mistake for morning light