Tadaima is a sick band from the west coast made up of a few buds Bob from Shinobu, Kurt formerly of Joyce Manor and Yui who I've never met! Whatever Feels Good is five compact pop punk gems played fucking loud and fierce. Turn it up loud and you'll smile and air drum real big to this EP. IT KICKS ASS!!!

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1. Start
2. The Martian Chronicles
3. Ty Cobb
4. Whatever Feels Good
5. California Love

Tadaima is: 
Bob Vielma - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar 
Yui Fukunaga- Lead Guitar 
Kurt Walcher - Drums 

Thanks to Kevin for playing bass with us. 
Thanks to Dowsing, Dogs on Acid, Winter Break, Great Hart, and anyone who helped us with shows.
Thanks to our cats The Wire, Animal, & Momo.
Thanks to Mega City Four, Going Steady, and Digital Underground for the inspiration.

Recorded by Bob @ Born Invincible Mobile Studio 
Artwork by Kurt

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.



START (Mega City Four cover)

The Martian Chronicles
When the bombs exploded I was all alone 
Found myself walking through red sands all alone 
Then I dream I'm back on earth again at a drunk party holding hands with her 

I don't want to run around 
Don't give me the run around 
In the morning I wake up and you're all dead again 

Rockets all departed at the end of May 
I was happy just to live another day 
Every nation sent missiles flying high 
That's when I saw her there making eyes with some other guy

Ty Cobb
Climb to the top of the mountain, try to fight those echoes all away 
Cuz in the dark of your bedroom you can't ever hide yourself away 

This used to be a warm, familiar place 
You try to find your friends but all you find are graves

Whatever Feels Good (くそったれの明日) 
Tomorrow's gonna be worse than yesterday, and yesterday was shit. 

Well I want someone to talk to but I have nothing to say. 
Just staring waiting for those dots to show. 
But the longer I do that, the weirder that I get! 
Just staring waiting for those dots to show... 

I don't wanna do anything without you, I don't wanna be anywhere you aren't. I just wanna do whatever feels good. 

Do you feel good when you're with me? 
Cuz I feel good when I'm with you.

California Love
A bottle of rum and my best friend on a train to the city 
We're gonna drink a lot and we're gonna sing until we're sloppy!
I may not remember when my pants came off or how I got home,
But how could I forget such a good day? 
The kind that you're reminded of the next week by a black bruise on your side, 
The kind that you're reminded whenever you hear Ice Cube or Perfume. 

It's alright cuz my body's in motion 
It kind of looks like a fit or a commotion 
Anyone can play this game 
Just a bottle of rum and my best friend on the train