katie ellen
wild <3 demo

If like many of us you are mourning the loss of Chumped - the best pop-punk band to come out of Brooklyn since like, ever - katie ellen's debut will fill your heart with joy. Fuzzy power-pop with catchy melodies that you'll want to listen to over and over again and say WHY ONLY THREE SONGS YOU NERDS?!?!?

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1. wild <3
2. tv dreams
3. lucy stone

This is a little collection of songs known as wild <3 made in the fall of 2015.

Words, feelings, vocals and guitar by Anika Pyle
Drums and swag by Dan Frelly
Bass on Wild Heart and Lucy Stone by Mike Guggino
Bass on TV Dreams by Anika Pyle

Recorded, mixed and sparklefied by Mike Guggino of the The Space Merchants (https://thespacemerchants.bandcamp.com/ // https://aqualamb.bandcamp.com/) in a small room in Brooklyn, NY. He likes and believes in people and wants to help make their music sound how they want it to. You can email him at gugginoproductions@gmail.com.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


wild <3

wild heart with a tendency for staying
talk a lot and say absolutely nothing

i'm awake, i'm asleep, i'm still dreaming
lost eternal with a propensity for lying

paris is blooming
and i'm feeling blue

we're saying nothing
at the footsteps of the louvre

i like to keep things
that remind me of you

yeah i like to keep things
that remind me of you

tv dreams

i am miserable with you
miserable without you

and every time i try to think it through
i wind up thinking of the things we used to do

like wake up in the morning thinking forward
come home in the evening to the tv

talking on the weekends about running away
to some expensive, quiet foreign city

i hope you're happy
i think you want the same for me
you can call me
if you can't sleep and you feel lonely

i guess i called to say that you can call me
i guess i called to say that you can call me
i guess i called to say that you can call me

call me

lucy stone

well i don't wanna have your children
does that make me less of a woman?
i don't believe in getting married
it's a social economic prison

we're in love
i can't give you all my time
we're in love
i will never call you mine

love is not enough

i shouldn't let you call me baby
but i like the way you say it
you're always showing up on time
and i am constantly arriving late and

we're in love
i am not afraid to tell you
we're in love
i am keeping my own room

love is not enough

nothing is forever
it's stupid to think so
so love me until one of us
wants to be left alone

love is not enough