I walked into a house show in Brooklyn recently while Foozle (from Washington, DC) was playing and I immediately fell in love. Pop-punk songs filtered through some jangly noise K-Records-type shit.

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1. Don't Let Yourself Down
2. Everything's Casual
3. Chase
4. TV Wrestling
5. Suburban Landscape
6. Front Lawns
7. Scaredy Cat
8. Another Autumn
9. Welcome The Night

Foozle is Jake Lazovick, Joanna Smith & Ryan Witt

recorded by Tommy Sherrod at Full Glass Recording Studio in Silver Spring, MD in 2013

Released December 20, 2013

Motivational Speeches - 002

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Don't Let Yourself Down

I'm back here on the east coast
missing the the midwest
it's so strange how we never notice the distance
until we get some guts up
to loosen our grip enough
to let go of places we once loved

so we talked all night with the lights turned down low
or laughed a long on this long drive home
nothing felt quite as sincere
as the fact that you were there

don't let yourself down

Everything's Casual

I'll escape this suburban sprawl
safe and sound as if it's a school night
I appreciate your quiet demeanor
and the way you laugh at my jokes
like everything good can be summed up
in someone's disposition

clear water eyes from across the room
flirtatious eyes and stick out your tongue
not cozy enough in the movie
but i hold a soft spot for your please company
and the movie there ain't no metaphor for you
cause you are not so cold


how did I get you? so close
and did you know your hands
would find mine so easily

do you know the things your eyes can do?

it's fall and I'm falling so close to you

why would I ever sit so far away from you?

TV Wrestling

just try and find me
i've always been right where i am
you've always had me
caught up in a half nelson

like tv wrestling
with one arm under me
i won't try to break free
but now you're hesitating

i'll try to find you
but you don't want to be found
once i had you
but now you are tapping out

like tv wrestling
we're overlapping
but you're breaking free
sliding out of the ring
giving up on me
so now i'm the one hesitating

Suburban Landscape

the suburban landscape
won't ever escape the person i'll become
though i may try to shake it away
it will remain like freshly manicured lawns
and that grass will grow back
just like the hair i cut off when i was bored
and it is mundane
but it's the comfort now i look for

fooling around in basements on the same night
i was spooked out walking home
moon lit pavement, pass the dark fields
in the daylight where i would roam
pass the school where i used to go
oh boy look how much i've grown

cause I'm just a product of things that i reject
and barely have time to start to sit down and confess
(it's all part of the same thing)
the lawn mower is the scissors i cut my hair with
cause in this landscape we're all bored and making the most of it

Front Lawns

returning to the bedroom I grew up in
with first sights on a familiar front lawn
and my old dog usually sleeps by the window
and some times sleeps on my futon
a basement where some kids became best friends
and the kitchen where we would reminisce

about when everything was better
or how we are feeling better
and we'll still goof around like kids

oh my old dog
let him out in the backyard
let me return
to sunny afternoons on the back porch
a basketball hoop
sits stagnant in our front yard
let me return to childhood
on the front lawn
to afternoons on the front lawn
the old tree and my dog
familiar and forever front lawn
my family and a familiar futon

what is not forever
still is familiar
and i need this right now
familiar air right now

Scaredy Cat

maybe i'm just scared
that what i'm looking for
might actually be there.
why am i afraid of
everything i've always wanted
falling into place

i keep pushing pause
but nothing even slows down
my brain's a mess
but i know that i can't stop now

don't let me push you away

if only
you knew what i was,
maybe these hands
wouldn't fit so well
but i want you to know

i keep pushing pause
but nothing even slows down
my brain's a mess
but i know that i can't stop now

don't let me push you away

i'll keep trying to tell you
these thoughts i can't articulate
if you promise me
that they'll never leave your heart

Another Autumn

beyond this exterior i'm just a frightened boy
who's scared to find out if there's anything more
to those stories they told me about falling in love
i keep searching for something, but i only find lust

i'm going to try to try my best
i'll head for the west and still be content
if i only make it half way
because it's so comforting

to know that there's many places to call home
and no matter where we roam
we may never be alone
cause deep down in us all
we're searching for some place better to go

we walked every aisle of the convenience store
and did with our night but sit out on the curb
and it's times like this that remind me there's more to life
than wasting your week for a saturday night

and i know that
but i've still been upset for months
and we all walk around in a depressed funk
but i'm hoping and craving this pains worth something
and we'll feel better when we escape out the other side

Welcome the Night

feeling green grass
the sun will return
the clouds will pass
and here is the blue of the sky
i wonder why i've never
taken good weather for granted

good company clear conversation
is all i've ever actually wanted
here it is i feel it now
don't ever think i'll feel let down
if i do i'll recover again

welcome the night (welcome the night)
turn left at this stop light
welcome the night (welcome the night)
it is a mundane time
welcome the night (welcome the night)
welcome the night (welcome the night)
made this drive too many times
welcome the night (welcome the night)
driving for us in moonlight

good weather, practical arrangements
i remember trying to stay up
so i don't let this moment pass
just in case it is the last
or at least the last time i appreciate it
where i was last year
is not the same as
where i reside right now
transitional spring is what I'm about

welcome the night (welcome the night)
i've tried this too many times
welcome the night (welcome the night)
warm bodies holding tight
welcome the night (welcome the night)
soft gestures and ocean eyes
welcome the night (welcome the night)
so this time feels more right
welcome the night (welcome the night)
sleep through incandescent sun rise

i am here and i am grateful