Chotto Ghetto
Lover Covers

Lover Covers is Chotto Ghetto's interpretation of some of musics best love songs. The record is comprised of songs by artists such as Labi Siffre, Haircut 100, Sam Cooke, ZZ Top, Tears for Fears, Ghost Town DJ's, George Harrison, Ian Dury and the Blockheads, Madness, Kirk Van Houten, The Spinners, Charlie Rich, Radiohead, Prince, Neil Young, Ringo Star, and Pantera. It comes to you this Valentines day to set the mood with that very special someone, or to at least keep you from a booze filled depression. Enjoy, Chotto Ghetto's Lover Covers!

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  1. There's Nothing in the World Like Love
  2. Favorite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)
  3. Cupid
  4. Legs
  5. Head Over Heels
  6. My Boo
  7. I'd Have You Anytime
  8. Wake Up And Make Love with Me
  9. It Must Be Love
  10. Can I Borrow A Feeling
  11. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
  12. I'll Be Around
  13. True Love Waits Feat. Jeff Rosenstock
  14. I Would Die 4 You
  15. Only Love Can Break Your Heart Feat. Jeff Rosenstock
  16. King Of Broken Hearts
  17. There's Nothing In The World Like Love (Outtro)

Chotto Ghetto is

Chris Candy - Vocals, Keyboard, Trumpet

Fletcher Alliston - Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard

Jody Giachello - Drums, Percusion, Vocals & Keyboard

Chris - Guitar & Vocals

Dan Tino - Guitar

Additional musicians

Jeff Rosenstock - Saxophone on Favorite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl), King of Broken Hearts, and It Must Be Love

Steve White - EV Trumpet on Wake Up And Make Love with Me

Jon Caligiuri - Banjo and Guitar on True Love Waits, There's Nothing In The World Like Love, Legs, and I'd Have You Anytime

John DeDedomenici - Ows on Wake Up And Make Love with Me

Mixed and Produced by - Fletcher Alliston

Engineered by - Chotto Ghetto

Mastered by - Hans Dekline

Chotto Ghetto would like to thank, Tim and Linda Gedemer, Source Sound, Lenny and Sue Giachello, Ian Coates, Jeff Rosenstock, Samrod Shenassa, and everyone at Quote Unquote Records, Rick Darge, Hans Dekline, Rose Candy, Xan, The Allistons, Bomb The Music Industry! and to all the lonely people in the world remember Chotto Ghetto will date you!!

Dedicated in loving memory to Bryan Carlstrom

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