Cheap Girls have been good friends for many years, before this label even started. Their second record My Roaring 20's was fantastic. Their singer Ian Graham is going into knee surgery as this acoustic version of the record is released, and all the money will go towards his medical bills. So enjoy the record and have a heart, throw him a few bucks if you can. We wish him a speedy recovery!

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1. Sunnyside
2. Ft. Lauderdale
3. Hey Hey, I'm Worn Out
4. I Had a Motorcycle
5. Sleeping Weather
6. Something That I Need
7. Modern Faces
8. Lab Technicians
9. All My Clean Friends
10. One & Four

We recorded this in January 2010 in Dimondale, Michigan. Dan Jaquint was the
engineer, and we also used his basement and gear. Mike Reed was also around with
ideas and some additional guitar, vocals, et cetera. Dan also mixed the record. It was
(finally) mastered in 2013 by Rick Johnson at his Cold War Studios.

Cheap Girls are
Adam Aymor - guitar, Ben Graham - drums, Ian Graham - vocals, bass and acoustic

We’d like to give an immeasurable amount of thanks to Dan, Mike, Rick, Jeff
Rosenstock, Tony Godino, Scott Bell, Jason Black, Casey Cress, The Agency Group,
everyone who has donated to this project, and all of our wonderful families. Thank you,
thank you, thank you.

Lyrics by Ian Graham, Music by Cheap Girls. CG Worldwide (ASCAP) /

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


please note "Cheap Girls" in the subject or body of your donation.

Got down on the Sunnyside, I was in a movie where I defied all space and time. Doing what I could to get your attention, playing dead on the floor and you're hardly acting but it's nothing new. I spend every weekend dreaming and taking lessons from the tried and true. I don't remember how I got home last night or how I'm here today but that's alright because it's nothing new. I'm stuck like a boat, frozen in a lake in a Michigan winter where the waves are late and I'm hoping for you. I've known a lot of tightrope walkers who mingle with the coattail riders and they say they do it for the view and I think that they know better than me. 

Ft. Lauderdale
I wanna be an actress. Right now I'm a waitress living in Ft. Lauderdale and I think, I think, I think I'm so creative. And do you think you could be friends with a waitress? I'm gonna be an actor. Right now I'm just a valet driver on some busy street. I'm always playing the part but never getting to the point. I wish my schedule was filled up with all appointments. I meant to say it all so differently. I just think I'd look better on a bigger screen with all of the people and all their advice. The probably highs say, "you gotta have a guy," 'cause things don't look up on the Sunnyside without a little assistance from a friend. I found the answer and then I said, "I feel weightless." One dimension isn't fine, I need two because it takes a little more to get through to you. And I ran into my former self - she looked so little not high at all. She looks so good now that I got faithless. There's no telling what I'll do in this state of mind, with this point of view and I ran up all the tabs with my close friends just to show them that I have become reckless. 

Hey Hey, I'm Worn Out

I'm blowing out Spirit smoke as you turn to me, try to think me down. The crust punks now've got credit cards and it don't phase me 'cause they're living like suicides. All of my friends with degrees are just standing back counter making minimum wage with me. Good thing they followed through and kept clean, trained heads just to get let down and dying. We need something new. Everybody needs just a little cool. Yeah, we all need something because we've got next to nothing. I'm blowing out Spirit smoke as you turn to me, try to think me down. You tell me that I should quit, well I think you should start and all of the circles make their way quickly. We need something new because everybody leaves just a little soon. Just give us something because we've got next to nothing. Hey hey, I'm worn out for good. 

I Had A Motorcycle
Wreck ourselves for thrills until we're just coming to standstills. We show up late and leave early and still nobody gets the message. We swear off all their higher learning. And even on steady ground we get worn out on all of the safety sounds. We get so used to all of the used up time. We'll sit and talk for generations. And you can't learn a single thing if you think you know what every single thing means. When you talk it's a pure and solid mess. I guess we're destined for constant aching. I think we should swear it all off when we come down at dawn. And we tap the clocks three times and if we prayed, now would be why because heads and necks can only take so much weight. You've seen me shaking from state to state. I think we should swear it all off when we come down at dawn. 

Sleeping Weather
We don't have any money but we've got new credit cards. And credit turns to debt. And debt turns to not seeing anyone except ourselves who we know longer recognize. We treat ourselves like tourists in our own town. We're always spending and wandering and tripping into sleep. And I would rather get drunk on wine and fall onto my knees. It is there you will see me singing, "there ain't nothing I'm working for." And I was thinking just the other day about what it would be like if we were anywhere else. Some place worth being. Some place for good reason. And we'll get caught in the costumes that we've been wearing long past the Halloween season. Last year I went as a cleaned up me and this year I'm going as a plea for rethinking. 

Something That I Need
The words I say, they don't mean anything and I don't wanna hear it at all. But, someone's gotta do what the others, they will not do. It looks like we rose just to fall. You said you saw something when you saw me standing down on east side steps. Looking for something to make more of nothing like before is coming around again. Some say I look shook up or just abandon. Hey, will you just make the call? To a couple blocks away where we both know that all the right ones stay. They've got something that I need but they aren't the sharing type. And you know I take it all too seriously when you sit right back, start fucking with me. We've all got something to say for the sake of saying something. I should just start writing down half of the things that you say because these last few weeks have been a complete and total blur. What's the chance of me getting wrapped up and carried out to sea? I've got a motive if you've got an answer. I'm sorry, I just had to call. 

Modern Faces

There ain't much to do around here unless you're cop or the opposite. Goddamn the modern faces - they just cancel plans before they make them. And it's like a magic trick - the way that we can stop for a while. We can't quit for good. We've seen some videos. We know that we should. But we just keep lighting up and blacking out. One day it's gonna get too warm in here. And you've got a well stocked dresser top. We thought that we could stop before we just sat and saw the last fourteen seasons pass. We've got modern faces and last year's plans. That is why I don't think that I'm the one who is gonna get you out. I've said it to myself but never out loud. You're the one furthest from me. And I'm learning better to sleep on things than to let myself go and get myself down again. I read something beautiful. It renewed my faith in life and love, et cetera. I'm still waking up in the strangest places. I can't seem to let go of them. 

Lab Technicians
Is it for now? Is it for good? October's got a lot of time. As many days as a month can have. So many things seem like bad ideas before they even begin. Let's sell off our medications to worn out waitresses. Let's pretend that we're lab technicians. And if we never learn then we are never really wrong. Anyone can find a needle in a haystack if they don't mind being stabbed. But I know some who think pain is pleasure. Let's not become one of them. Let's not become anything. And you can learn so much from all of those who don't know nothing. I am one of them. 

All My Clean Friends
I've gotta say I like it better now that we don't talk, now that I can't remember why we spent our time just dodging obstacles. So let me count up all the ways that I've been through all of the steps it takes me not to think of you. Then you'll find me catching fireworks out on my front porch. I look my worst. I need practice standing still because I never really knew how to end a day and my mind doesn't know how to stay the same. With all of these realizations you'd think that I'd find a way to change. When I first moved in I was smoking cigarettes, my face to the window - three weeks later I'm in bed. And I'm still chained to all of the drags that'll stop and fuck my health but I've never found anything that works so well. And I've been living in a world of sharp, sharp pain. We don't think too much but the rent gets paid. Since all of my clean friends moved away I never found a way to change. Everything just stays the same. 

One & Four
You won't see me walking out of any door. We can only make a killing if our clouded heads stop. We stay rehearsing numbers one and four and it always just leads to me repeating/singing, "Where did you come from? Where did you go?" And I lost a lot of love to pills and cigarettes, 'cause they always fill the gaps 'til there is no room left. I thought I'd learn a lesson but my mind kept sleeping and it always just leads to me repeating/singing, "Where did you come from? Where did you go?" I'll mess my head forevermore and my whole life feels like living in constant confessional. I'm too goddamn confessional.