Simply put, the Brass are gonna fuck you up. Homosapien is gonna lure you in with vibrant energy, deceptive melodies and subdued earnesty only to buy you a drink, take you into a corner at a bar and throw you up against the wall, shaking you down for your cab fare, shattering your bones, knocking your teeth out and making you cry in front of your friends.

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1. Pubis Monis
2. Dead Soldier Strut
3. Fix Until Broken

Matt Mesic - Jason Rosenthal - Mike Campbell - Jon Ellis

Laid Down at the Brass Motel/Hobo Haus by Phil Douglas in April of 2009.

Cover art by Mary Tremonte: "Female Stump Tailed-Macques (Kissing at the Moment of Climax)"

Saturn Photo by Emily Ruf | Live Photo by Out.Go.In Photography

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