OTHERS! OTHERS! (VOLUME 1: 2005 - 2008)

Bomb the Music Industry! has had a lot of songs on 7"s but even more that were just posted on myspace pages and such for fun that were never officially released and kind of had a tendency to disappear aside from a few megaupload links on message boards. This is a collection of those songs that will take the power out of the hands of the geeky and put in back in the hands of the kinda geeky!

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1. This Gracless Planet(We Versus the Shark Cover)
2. Tell My Boss, "I Hate You"
3. This Year For Presidents' Day, I'm Giving Up on Rock and Roll
4. 4 Inches! (Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine Cover)
5. Come On, This Shit is Getting RIDICULOUS.
6. If Assholes Got Awards, I'd Have a Trophy Case(Infamous Jake and the Pinstripe Mafia Cover)
7. All Alone in My Big Empty Apartment (Demo)
8. This is a Singalong (Original Version)
9. The Soul Crushing Northeast
10. D13 4 YR G0V3RNM3NT(Anti-Flag Megamix)
11. Little Brother(Andrew Jackson Jihad Cover)
12. Pog (Demo)
13. Gold Soundz (Pavement Cover)

Sean Qualls played drums on and recorded track 8.
Tom Malinowski played the guitar solo on and recorded the drums for track 13.
John played bass, Matt played trombone and Mike played drums on track 13.

All other instruments and recording by Jeff Rosenstock. Track 14 was compiled by John DeDomenici.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

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THIS GRACELESS PLANET (we versus the shark cover)

Our very first tour was with some close friends of ours in the band We Versus the Shark. This tour consisted of us playing one show in Athens, one show in Connecticut and two shows in North Carolina. Our personnel consisted of me playing guitar and singing, John playing bass and singing, Laura playing keyboards and singing and Christine getting uncharacteristically wasted and shouting at quiet bands while doing shirts. We played along to the computer (not an mp3 player! what a mistake!) and actually had the computer do our banter in between songs (example: "how are you doing tonight asheville, hold for applause, one, two, three...") One particular show we found a desk, lamp, office chair and lava lamp backstage and set up a little home office onstage for the computer. Anyway, the only time we were ever good on this tour was when we played this song (and debatably our cover of "Love Fool") which was written by the Sharx and recorded shortly after Album Minus Band. The plan was to record a cover of "Slide" as well and they would do a very droney, spacey version of "Sweet Home Cananada" where they made all the major chords minor, and the minor chords diminished. We actually wanted to do a split 7" covering songs with EVERY band we ever toured with, so I guess it's good that this never happened 'cause that precedent would have started to get annoying for other bands.

rebels, guns, ingenues--all diamondless coal
paranoia and pop charts, but you know how we roll
what's that, baby? yeah, I miss god too
but he's doing just fine without you

this graceless planet has accrued its debt
(and now it's time to pay it up)
this graceless planet has accrued its debt
(and now it's time to pay it up)
this graceless planet is a skull's head death
(and now it's time to pay it up)

it's been a long time, i shouldn't have left you

disciples from the past have come for yr daughters
a gentleman from the future has reclaimed california
a frozen clock sudden stop puts culture shock at odds
baby needs some new math, baby needs a couple more jobs
and we have always lived in this village
and we have always lived in this village

this graceless planet has accrued its debt
(and now it's time to pay it up)
this graceless planet has accrued its debt
(and now it's time to pay it up)
this graceless planet is a skull's head death
(and now it's time to pay it up)
there's no place left for you to rest your head
(and now it's time to pay)


While I was alternately doing merch for Mustard Plug/playing sax for the Know How on the Ska is Dead tour, Rick Johnson told me that he was starting a tape label and wanted to know if Bomb would want to do something for it. I came up with a very elaborate story and idea... it involved me "finding" a tape on the beach that was in a plastic bag that this dude had recorded around the Cold War as a musical journal before his cruise ship was shot down by Russian submarine spies (which apparently is something that happened once or twice, but I have no facts to back this up.) Eventually, I really couldn't keep up with the concept on this one and a few songs ended up on Goodbye Cool World ("King of MPLS 1 & 2", "Grudge Report", "Sorry, Brooklyn...") but this song was released on myspace, already had lyrics that were clearly about cruise ships (but also about the exhiliration of being fired) so it wasn't gonna make sense anywhere but hopefully some b-sides compilation in the future!

I don't wanna wake up to an alarm clock ever again.
I don't wanna sit through 8 AM traffic ever again.
First hour of these 15 days that I'll be away,
I feel I'm never coming back.

For 15 days I'm not gonna have to button my shirt or wear a neck tie.
For 15 days all I gotta do is drink drink drink till I fucking die.
Cubicle vs. the fresh air? We know who's winning there.
I feel I'm never going back.

Home is punching in.
Home is 9 to 5.
So tell my boss, "I hate you and it's time for you to die."

Take it back. Take the bathroom key.
Take the stapler that doesn't belong to me.
Look, dick, I'm not gonna wake up
stressed about things that have nothing to do with me.
Pass me another beer. The wind is in my hair.
I feel I'm never going back.

For 15 days I'm not gonna have to
be a yes man for bad ideas.
I'll get to play, I'll get to drink,
I'll wake up hungover but I won't care.

Sure it's a two week holiday, but I'll see if I can stay.
I feel I'm never going back.

Back to punching in, sleeping at my desk.
Back to 9 to 5.

So tell my boss, "I hate you and it's time for you to die a slow death, bleed in excess, give my life back and kiss my ass."

I'm not punching in.
I'm not working for some dick.
I'm sleeping 9 to 5.
So tell my boss "I hate you and it's time for you to die."


The second attempt at a tour split went slightly better than the Sharx split, as this one actually came out. The plan however was to release it by Christmas, as this song and the last one were clearly Christmas songs. Things started taking too long however, and it eventually was to be released on Presidents' Day (I think it may have even come out a day or two afterwards.) Rick cleverly wrote his political songs to alter the 7" to this timeline. I however, just replaced the word "Christmas" with "Presidents' Day." Not as clever.

I was gonna die alone, I know.
(Gonna die before thirty years old)
I've got this notion that successful careers are evil.
So finally for the holidays
(A gift is coming all y'allz way)
my family will be excited when they look under the Presidents' Day tree

To see a box shrink-wrapped with real gold.
Not paper gold.
It's a fucking box filled to the top
With fucking gold.

Hey, Mom! I got a job I'm not wasting my potential!
Hey, all my friends!
You don't have to hear about blah blah band
who just got a brand new Prevost bus
and forgot my name and used to open for us.
It's getting old, I know.
That's why I'm giving up on rock and roll.

We'll celebrate in my new pad
(I'm flying you out mom and dad!)
I've got a new job and a 40 inch plasma
(We'll watch 24!)
Now without music I can concentrate on sitting down
and charging by the hour to sell ideas to some assholes who wants to sell a car.

I've upgraded from my childhood bedroom
to Southern California
(everyone here's always smiling)

Hey, Dad! I sold the van and used the money to invest!
I'm buying stocks and climbing ladders!
I'm all business!
Yes sir! Right sir! Coming sir!
Your documents are in order!
You're fucking proud. I know.
Thank Bush I've given up on rock and roll.

Hey, Mom! I got a job I'm not wasting my potential!
Hey, all my friends!
You don't have to hear about blah blah band
who just got a brand new Prevost bus
and forgot my name and used to open for us.
It's getting old, I know.
Thank Cheney I've given up on rock and roll.

We'll drink Delirium not Pabst.
Not at my parents'
We're at my brand new apt
(that stands for apartment.)

4 INCHES! (rick johnson rock and roll machine cover)

Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine cover. Hands down my favorite sounds that I've ever gotten out of anything that I have ever recorded. I don't know how I did it, I tried to do it again and it didn't work. Oh well.

Four inches from the top to the bottom.
This is how I view myself.
This is how we view ourselves.
But you can't go back to the fall wardrobe.


This song has always been one of my favorites, even though it's a very very clear Mountain Goats ripoff. I recorded it in the bathroom of my parents' house into the microphone on my laptop in one take (although the crystal clear production quality may imply otherwise), and added some banging on the guitar and synthesizer afterwards. The song is about the obvious observation that Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier every year in the retail marketplace and the question of whether or not that eventually Christmas will take up the entire year in a store, and we'll always be Christmas shopping no matter what. T.G.I.Credit Crunch I guess.

I've seen the light and it's a Wal-Mart
setting fires in our stupid hearts.
T-Minus one month is a late start.
We'll spend the year in preparation.
What do we celebrate if a holiday lasts three months?
And will there come a time when we stop having seasons
and it's just you and me in a store
exchanging fucking cards?

The house is on fire.
We left the lights on way too long.
One dull flame burns perpetually
and we watch it blaze unexcited
'cause we know nothing else
lest we not participate in Presidents' Day promotions.
And if we subsist on the absence of gifts then
resistance is now a selfish emotion.
Better sing those P-Day carols on and on and on and on...

You and me on a couch
Watching Oprah
Clipping coupons.


This song was originally by Infamous Jake and the Pinstripe Mafia, a band from Massachusettes that featured a young Dan Lang-Gunn on the lead vocals. Dan was the head honcho at Kill Normal Records, my old band's label and became a very very close friend. A lot of people were grief stricken when Dan had an aneurysm onstage while performing with his newer band, The Modern Day Saint and Flood put together a compilation to help his parents out with medical bills. I'm not sure exactly where Sum 41's "Fat Lip" fits into all this, but it is worth noting that at some point in the mixing process all the files kind of ate themselves somehow and all we have is this version that we can't do anything with.

When i'm looking back, and see the better men we've become
turn look smile, now face front breath and run
Have you seen feet have you noticed we're wearing the shoes of the people we wanted to be
drive, scream, live, dream, try and see what i mean

I don't think you know it
I don't think you've noticed

When i'm looking back, and i see the way, see the way we
waste laze, waste days, grin lay back and sigh
The clocks running down on the time we had to do what we wanted to do with our lives
sweat blood friend, our best years are almost done

I don't think you know it
I don't think you've noticed

she said, this doesn't mean much to me
i said, this means the world to me
he said, the world's what i want to see

we'll all break free

she said, i can't take much more of this
i said, i'm thinking it's how i'll live
he said, we're almost done with the list

we'll all break free now

well three years, it won't be nearly enough
to do everything we could have done, everything we should have done
we've wasted precious minutes forgetting this is fun
this is fun, this is fuck you

seen the way, seen the way, seen the way i look at this
you've seen the way i look at this


I like this version way better than the one that appeared on the album, but to be fair there is some VERY questionable timing on it and maybe a little too much Wayne Coyne aping. I found this old track on my computer and decided to record some stuff along to it, using pasta boxes and keys as percussion. Sounds inventive, no? Well just remember there's a reason why your favorite bands don't use pasta boxes and keys as percussion on THEIR records.

You got a new medicine
100 movie channels on television.
We can use it as evidence
of why I don't have any more friends.

I got a big comfortable couch
that seems a lot bigger when it seats just one.
I got a new video game
and playing on your own is almost fun.

1,000 square feet for the one and only.
Who cares about size when it's big and lonely?
Cutting my teeth on the biggest parties.
Who cares about life when it's big and lonely?


So after Goodbye Cool World there were a few projects that didn't really end up happening, one being The World Sucks and I Know Nothing, a political EP that was going to be recorded in a REAL STUDIO with Sean Qualls! Of course, I ended up moving to Georgia and all we had from these sessions was an unmixed version of This is a Singalong, that we were going to re-record anyway. This version is still fun I think though, it's nice to hear it without all the keyboards and noodly parts. I remember that I wrote this song and went to Sean's studio that day to record it. That's kinda fun. So yeah, Sean Qualls recorded AND played drums on this so this is the first Bomb the Music Inudstry! recording with live drums. I think I was a bit thrown by that, but I like it a lot more now.

"Guantanemo Bay, son.
We want none of your bullshit.
The boy who's crying 'Haditha',
Vietnam's not a reference.
Stop to think of the terror
Everyone's gonna mess with a whiny bitch of a nation.

Turn in your laptop unless you are ready to report the news in a way we see fit
And turn in your dictaphone
All your photos won't be shown
You're just fanning the flames of decent and the U.S. wants no part of it.

We must distract or they'll react
in a way that will be detrimental to our policy of coverups, BOY.
We want none of your bullshit."

Well, everyone knows that numbers have no liberal bias
You stupid shit of a nation.

If it's a campaign advertisement will you please stop telling us it's news?
We got better things to do than read other countries' papers
because you silence our reporters while you're killing just to keep our rights

We found no bombs so can we move on
from the spying snide America where we are no safer now than we were
before, BOY.
We want none of your bullshit.
Only one thing to call it, feeding time for the pulpit.
We want none of your bullshit.

If we can't disagree then what do we fight for.
If we can't dissent, then why do we have war?

"Son, we want none of your bullshit.
The boy who's crying 'Haditha',
Vietnam's not a reference.
Stop to think of the terror
Everyone's gonna mess with a whiny bitch of a nation.
And boy, we're not gonna let them.
Christian values for miles, God will place us above them.
Don't focus on the photos.
Please focus on gay marriage."


Another project that didn't end up happening after Goodbye Cool World was No No New York, and this is the only surviving track from that idea. I did record the song "No No New York" for a radio broadcast in Nashville, TN but apparently it didn't get recorded and just wasn't very good. Matt Kurz advised me not to talk shit about places where you live because it'll come back to bite you in the ass, like it did him whenever he was roaming through Virginia at this time. Thankfully, everyone who lives in New York seems to despise it and love it at the same time. When we moved to 493 Ruth in Athens, we took all the amps out of the trailer, put it in one room and I immediately recorded this song. Props to Jeff Tobias and Christine Mackie for those handclaps! Oh yeah, this was originally released on its own to celebrate the launch of Quote Unquote Records.

I had a bad day today.
I couldn't even park my car.
And I'm walking 67th by myself
It never did me good to talk to anybody.

I wanna drink this away
but I'll just get ditched at the bar
and I'll end up drinking whiskey by myself.
I'm getting used to not drinking wtih anybody.

They say a broken heart's reserved
for puppy love and bad divorces.
They never say a thing about
feeling it all the time
when you just can't start your life on time.

We've been nowhere.
We've done nothing.
Wasted all my time.
And you can goddamn have it all from
Brooklyn to Niagra Falls,
text messages in minimalls,
expensive drinks and social calls.

I got my back stabbed today
inside a freshly opened wound.
I keep forgetting history repeats itself.
Should know better than to trust, like, anybody.

I get the bad brains so much these days
that I don't even know what for anymore.
So I sit in my apartment by myself
trying to work up the courage to go do something.

This goes for anyone who's confused with what I'm doing with my life.
I'm going to recover my soul.
You should recover your soul.

Or else you'll go nowhere
You'll do nothing.
You'll just sit there
wasting time in business meetings,
online shopping,
and you will die fucking boring.


In late 2007 we went on a three-day stint with Anti-Flag and it was the first time that a bigger band (who we had not even played locally with) asked us to do any shows with them. Their booking agent called us up, and we were laughing a lot 'cause she was like "I can't find your booking agent's contact anywhere" and we were all "yo, we're mad ghetto." Anyway, at the second show I accidentally threw a guitar at a girl's face (sorry again) and it seemed like everyone was gonna get sued or something. So naturally I settled the situation by saying "you wanna meet Anti-Flag?" Chris #2 was very nice about the whole thing and to celebrate that I made them this sweet introduction music THAT THEIR FRONT OF HOUSE GUY DIDN'T EVEN PLAY ON THE P.A. BEFORE THEY PLAYED. Real bush league stuff, dude.

You've got to die for your government.
Die for your country.
That's shit.


Kind of my homage to the Asian Man Records tour, but even moreso an homage to the wonderful men and women of Andrew Jackson Jihad. The AMR tour was completely fucking epic and there's no other way to describe it. We're all still crying on the inside about it being over. Anyway, this was Carlos's favorite AJJ song and they didn't want to play it which is silly 'cause it's amazing. I recorded this the day I got back from tour and was pretty distruaght about losing my job.

when i was a little boy
i fed my mother a bottle of whiskey
while she was pregnant,
unbeknownst to me.

i felt bad to say the least.
and when my little brother was born
he had
what they call
"fetal alcohol syndrome"
the kids used to laugh and taunt him as we'd walk to school.

its about this time that i discovered a drug
called crack-cocaine
and by the second grade, i had my classmates hooked.
and in the fourth grade i threw a big crack party, everyone was invited

and i got a girl named cynthia to blow my little brother for a fix.

and no one would fuck with us

after that.


This was recorded around the same time as Little Brother, which is pretty obvious because it sounds VERY much like a Lemuria song. We knew that's how it was going, which is why we are/were planning on titling the songs on our Art of the Underground 7" "Pog" and "Pogs" (akin to their "Dog" and "Dogs") I have no idea where this was recorded, but I do remember that I used a pretty bad microphone that I don't usually use, 'cause I was curious how it would sound. The answer was that it would not sound very good.

And I haven't had any fun this year
but that's fucking bullshit and
I haven't had any luck this year
I'm preaching to the choir. I know.
I haven't been to my parents' house in months
and it looks like March
and the years before and my attitude's the same:
familiar and worrisome.

I pictured my death two times today
the tracks and the fire escape.
Room of burnt toast and stacked dirty plates
and I'm the one responsible
I haven't had any luck this year
I know I'm preaching to the choir
but my nightmare's here and I forgot how to wake up
and start moving forward.

And my mother said, "Son, I'm sorry you're neurotic."
And my dad said, "Son, I really thought you dodged the bullet."


This is available on a split 7" with Mustard Plug where they cover a Fugazi song. We were on tour with the Slackers and realized that we were REALLY REALLY alienating the portion of the audience that was older than twenty and not in a fun way. One night we got spit on for a very very VERY long time. Anyway, we thought that a good way to further alienate people would be to play a Pavement song in the style of traditional ska, insulting not just one but TWO tastes at once! At the end of the day though, we really do love Pavement and ska so I'm glad we got to record this to remind people that it is possible to like two different things.

go back to those gold soundz
and keep my advent to your self
because it's nothing i don't like
is it a crisis or a boring change?
when it's central, so essential,
it has a nice ring when you laugh
at the low life opinions
and they're coming to the chorus now...
i keep my address to yourself 'cause we need secrets
we need secrets crets crets crets crets crets back right now

because i never wanna make you feel
that you're social
never ignorant soul
believe in what you wanna do
and do you think that is a major flaw
when they rise up in the falling rain
and if you stay around with your knuckles ground down
the trial's over, weapon's found
keep my address to myself because it's secret
cuz it's secret cret cret cret [etc.]... back right now

so drunk in the august sun
and you're the kind of girl i like
because you're empty and i'm empty
and you can never quarantine the past
did you remember in december
that i won''t eat you when i'm gone
and if i go there, i won't stay there
because i'm sitting here too long
i've been sitting here too long
and i've been wasted
advocating that word for the last word
last words come up all you've got to waste