O Pioneers!!! are a band that have thrived on being totally fucking sweet for years. From their unique gritty guitar/drum compositions to their constant help with the Houston punk rock scene, not to mention the bands that visit from out of town, O Pioneers!!! have definitely made themselves known and loved. The music on Neon Creeps however, stands head and shoulders above the bands' previous releases. The sound is filled out with a bass guitar for the first time, the songs are catchier than ever and the production brings it all crashing down upon ya like never before. While there are a ton of bands that have taken influence from bands like Against Me!, Hot Water Music and Leatherface, O Pioneers!!! have certainly set themselves down their own path with Neon Creeps.

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1. Saved By the Bell was a Super Good Show
2. The Architect of Disney World
3. Dead City Sound
4. 9 A.M. Everyday
5. My Life as a Morrissey Song
6. Stressing the Fuck Out
7. I Have a Major Weightlifting Problem
8. Chris Ryan Added Me on Facebook
9. I So Told You So
10. I So Told You So

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

This record was supposed to be recorded in Feb. 2008 with Chris Ryan. We wrote two songs together Then he quit. Then Matt and Danny joined. we wrote some songs. Then they quit. Finally 6 months later it was written and recorded with Aaron and Zach.

Guitar, Drum, and Vocals were recorded by Chris Ryan at Dead City Sound in Houston, Tx.
Bass was recorded by Jeff Ervin at ODS recording
Neon Creeps was mixed by Jeff Ervin at ODS recording
Neon Creeps was mastered by Carl Saff in Chicago, IL
All lyrics written by Eric Solomon
All songs written by: Eric Solomon, Chris Ryan, Matthew Clark, Daniel Hawkins, Aaron Ervin, and Zach Klaine. Oh yeah, they were also written by all the people i ripped em off from. Try and guess! it's fun!!

O Pioneers!!! on this recording are:
Guitar/Vocals: Eric Solomon
Drums: Aaron Ervin
Bass: Zach Klaine
Art: Twin Cuts
Merch and high fives: Val Gonzales
Non Funny Jokes: Aaron Danger
Label: Asian Man Records

O Pioneers!!! would like to thank: The Solomon Family, The Ervin Family, The Klaine family, Mike and Skylar at Asian Man, Bryon and Eric from Kiss Of Death, Jan from Yo-Yo records, Aaron Danger from Team Science, Val Gonazles, Jeff and Christine at Twin Cuts, Chris Ryan, Jeff at ODS recording, Tony at No Idea, Chuck Daley at Beartrap PR, Virgil at Suburban Home, Cam Taylor, Loki The Lion, Saff Mastering, Matt Clark, Daniel Hawkins, Bridge and Tunnel, Ghost Town Trio, The Sidekicks, Bomb The Music Industry, By The End Of Tonight, The Jonbenet, The Anchor, Matt and Kim, New Bruises, The Gaslight Anthem, Against Me!, The Paper Moons, The Soggy Dog house, Skatepark of Tampa, 1919 hemphill, red 7 (austin), Jason H., Patrick V., Brent Zius, everyone who has given us a floor to sleep on, a place to play, or offered good company. Thanks so much. And anyone else i forgot, we suck, i'm sorry.

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Saved by the Bell was a Super Good Show
Why do I care, what you are becoming, its not like I know that you’re better than this. You’re just becoming part of your surrounding, becoming what I expected. All of this Drama, you know this is frustrating, all of this drama, you know that it’s suffocating. Drama, Drama. And I wish I wasn’t so critical, I could turn on myself, begin to help, but I just don’t know where to start. And I’m drowning in a sea of dead feelings. I just wish I could breath. All this drama around me, you know its suffocating. I just wish I could breath. Drama, Drama.

The Architect of Disney World
and these walls are made of bricks and concrete, my hands are made of blood rushing through muscles. And the same chemistry that built them up, can just as easily tear them apart. We can build the bridges, just to tear them right apart. We can burn the cities, just to build them right back up. So many times have I wished for a chance just to make a change, and make it permanent. When we restructure, rebuild and recreate we can make it permanent. We can burn the cities, just to build them right back up. But its up to us. There is only so much we can build, until it starts to collapse under the pressure.

Dead City Sound
Sometimes, I hate this city. A new dress, different make up every other day. Sometimes, I hate this city. It eats it’s history, and sometimes even its’ young. Can you hear it? This dead City Sound. Everything is booming. It’s growing up older and older by the hour. Every time you leave, you come back, and you don’t know where you are. Can you Hear it? This dead city sound.

9 A.M. Everyday
Every morning i wake up. cell phone alarm clock ringing out. open my eyes, reset my alarm, my eyes slam shut. And I'm hoping i can sleep through this. Forget about all the depression, forget about all of the debt. All of this fucking stress it just keeps building up, and building. So i try just to sleep it off. thoughts compound and multiply, but i just can't lay still. And I'm hoping i can sleeping it off, forget about all of the depression, and all of the debt. i know I'm gonna die from this. So get up. You can't sleep this off. So get come up, you can't escape these thoughts.

My Life as a Morrissey Song
What are you doing? I’m just sitting around, wasting, wasting myself. Do you feel empty, do you feel vacant, do you feel worthless, cause I do. No wonder, you’re just moping around. So get up and get over yourself right now.. This is so far beneath you now, so get up and get over yourself.

Stressing the Fuck Out
Slow down your heart beat. Everything will be alright. Why do you stress out about everything? Everything will be alright. Just calm down, everything will be alright. Just calm down, everything will be fine.

I Have a Major Weightlifting Problem
Too many words, just to explain my frustration. You know I’m stuttering, and I know this isn’t right. Too many problems, to many problems, that’s what I got going on, I wish someone would take me a side and say, this is how its gonna be. I need to take step back. And take a fucking breath. Too many problems. Don’t let them get you down. Don’t let them get you down. And you got to many problems, you’re not sure where your head is at, so you keep running away. Too many problems man. That shit sucks!

Chris Ryan Added Me on Facebook
Let’s pretend, that we are friends, Just like we were back in high school. You can send me messages, that I’m sure that I can relate to, just like in highscool. Every other week, you can call me. Call me on the telephone. We can talk about our misadventures, and our breakthroughs. Just like in highschool. See I’m older now, and I don’t give a damn, if I ever talk to you again. I don’t want to regress to, that stupid piece of shit I was back in high school. So please leave me be, stop calling me on the telephone. Asking me how I’ve been or what I’ve been up to. I don’t want to know how you’ve been, or what you’ve been up to. And if I told you I was doing fine, would you believe it, I wouldn’t. Just like in high school. See I’m older now, moving up, moving out. See I’m older now.

I So Told You So
I wish that I didn’t have to say, I told you so but I know that I do. And it feels so damned good. People say that this wouldn’t work. I didn’t want to believe the words as they, trickled down and out. Off of yellow teeth and venomous tongues. We’ll separate and grow old. I hope this bitterness subsides over time. And we can search over and over for a brand new day. I guess I’m just a sucker for a happy ending. I wanted all of this to work out. Not for us to fall out like we did. If only calendars and opposites, didn’t keep us apart. You might understand. I could understand.

Cool Kid City
The Little things are not important to me. Except how I’m judged. Down in cool kid city, where everyone has got their problems. And they’ve all got opinions. I’m fucking sick to death of them. Down in cool kid city. I’m not gonna join them. Down in cool kid city. Down in cool kid city, where all the cool kids have all types of problems, no I’m never gonna fit in down in cool kid city.