Virgin Metal is the first album from New Yorkers Let Me Crazy. The range of influences in these songs are so enormous -- from Screeching Weasel to the Who, from F.Y.P to Dick Dale -- that it is a rare album that anyone who has any interest in punk rock can enjoy. On Virgin Metal, Let Me Crazy might turn everything up all the way, but they do so while singing songs that will stick with you after you punch in for work in the morning and you'll be stoked to listen to during your smoke break.

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1. Virgin Metal Theme
2. Let Me Crazy
3. Lazy Bastards*
4. Any Day Now
5. Hi Time
6. Restoration Blues
7. Attitude Adjustment
8. Outta My Hair
9. Optimum Power
10. Fragmentation
11. Weep Day***
12. I Am

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Let Me Crazy Is:
Chris Baltrus — Vocals/Guitar
Jimmy Doyle — Bass/Vocals
Jake Freemont — Drums/Vocals

all songs written by Chris Baltrus except where otherwise noted
self-recorded and produced in the Boiler Room — Huntington, NY
mastered by Joel Hatstat at the Bakery — Athens, GA
cover artwork by Mick Cantone
sequence and editing by Jeff Rosenstock

Matt Emmerich sings backups on 'Let Me Crazy'
Chris Morell plays bass on 'Let Me Crazy' 'Lazy Bastards' and 'I Am'
Russ Hymowitz plays bass on 'Any Day Now' ' Hi Time,' and 'Outta My Hair'
Chris plays bass on 'Fragmentation' Jake plays bass and sings on 'Weep Day'
all tracking and mixing completed on digital 8-track between June and November 2008

'Virgin Metal Theme' and 'Nameless Aimless' written by Let Me Crazy
*words and music by original bassist Ron Demay
**line borrowed from Bob Dylan
***originally written and performed by They Might Be Giants

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Virgin Metal Theme (Instrumental)

Let Me Crazy
ha ha ha ha
ho ho ho ho
hee hee hee
let me crazy
let me crazy / leave me alone / go home

Lazy Bastards*
let me ask you a question, yeah i know it's hard to choose
when the revolution comes around will they point the cannon at you'
private property, free economy, public domain don't mean a thing
wash it down with a coke and a crown and fake the american dream

you know things are getting bad when the city's closing schools
they're building more strip-malls and buying more bar-stools
soccer moms, drunk at 28, in the early afternoon
why is it that the american dream is to have nothing to do?

Any Day Now
saw you just the other day, said you were in town
you looked a little strange, i hope you're doing well
did you hear from so-and-so' he moved across the sound
he got a new turntable, and put the needle down
any day now
saw you just the other day, said you were alright
yr mom and dad were fighting, couldn't spend the night
i asked about yr boyfriend, you said you didn't know
yr telephone was ringing, and then you had to go
so it goes
easier said than done, better done than said
who am I to judge what's inside yr head
you say you'll quit tomorrow, why not today?
'easier said than done' depends on what you say

Hi Time
thousand miles to go
i got the radio blasting and my foot's to the floor
we got a lot of miles ahead, a lot of miles behind memphis, tennesse
white lines as far as the eyes can see
we gotta cool down, get down to new orleans

four-sixty-five, we swallowed all the speed
one hand on the wheel, the other on my rosary
hi time / red lined / five-o / let's go

from the north to the south
the atlantic and pacific coast
don't matter where we go, because we're always lost
from the west to the east
from tappan down to needle beach
anything we want's within our reach
hi time / red lined / old crow / let's go go go

Restoration Blues
started out like any other day
woke up on the wrong side of the floor
dressed in the dark and took the GCP to work
i thought I'd make it on time
pretty soon it's 7:59
thought of an excuse, don't need the abuse from that jerk
i've got the restoration blues
mama's in the factory she ain't got no shoes**
we're doing the best that we can do
woo hoo
i've got the restoration blues
ronnie's in the abbey drinking his booze
we're doing the best that we can do

Attitude Adjustment
everything's shit, the shoe didn't fit
mom and dad worry about what the neighbors think
off to the shrink, she says i'm alright
as long as i take one every morning, noon and night

took fifty milligrams of valium today
no wonder this coffee doesn't keep me awake
this attitude adjustment is a mistake
rolled out of bed, skipped all my meds
the light hits my eyes, feeling more dead than alive

and now everything is complete
the wind at my back, the world at my feet
the sound of skateboard wheels on the street

Outta My Hair
little suzie come on, i don't know what i did wrong
you wrote me letters, i wrote you a song
so baby pick up the phone
she don't want me here, she don't want me there
she don't want me anywhere
i should have just left her alone

our song is on the speakers
i really wanna see you
i wrote yr number on my converse sneaker
but wore them away, hey hey hey

katy katy hello, i don't know where it will go
i never said that i would love you
but now i really know for sure
i don't want you here, i don't want you there
i don't want you anywhere
so just get outta my hair

you got me running in circles
you got me jumping hurdles
my eyes are flashing red and purple
but you have got a lot to learn
and so the record turns

Optimum Power
optimum power, optimum power, optimum power, etc.

split in two, split like a log, folded into a box
asleep in the day, abandoned dreams
scars on the face of the clock

hallucination tears me apart, i stare into the wall
unfolded again
pieced back together
and they can do no harm at all

it happens every time
stay the course, ride the party line
nobody suffers, there is no crime
when the enemy is undefined

the sun it crossed the sky as night raged into day
we shook hands and said goodbye
we shook hands and said goodbye
we shook hands and said goodbye'

Weep Day***
i never went to a tropical island, though everybody said they saw me there
and it wasn't me you punched a hole in, at the west german protest march
simultaneous events don't happen, we are isolated temporally
and a part is never called a whole thing, though it bothers it to know it's so
every man is made of two opinions
every woman has a second half

and it's samba time for tambo and weep day for urine man

i didn't write the words you hear me singing, i didn't sing the line before this one
and I am not the one you were addressing, that person took a train to africa
where he met a consulate from belgium, who is now a buddhist in a cave
who was pitching for the oakland raiders, striking out the batter she became

I Am
a bicycle in a rapid transit world
a carousel in a theme park
a sea shell in a gift shop
and i am, i still am

a coin in the stone age
a stone in the bronze age
a stamp in cyberspace
and i am, i still am

a grain of sand melted into glass
a bottle adrift at sea
messages inside of me
will never be received

i don't belong
she don't belong
he don't belong
we don't belong
why is that so wrong'
and i'm gone