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1.Kind of on Purpose
2.No One To Blame
3.27 Days
4.Stop Now
5.Stay High (Magic)
6.A Lesser Rate
7.Parking Lot
8.I Should Never
9.Kill Your Mood
10.Her and Cigarettes
11.Through To Me
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Cheap Girls are:
Adam Aymor - Guitar
Ben Graham - Drums, vocals
Ian Graham - Vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar

Lyrics by Ian Graham
Music by Cheap Girls
Produced, engineered, and mixed by Rick Johnson at a cabin in Custer, MI; January - February, 2008
Mastered by John Krohn at Deep Deep Pink Studios
Additional drum assistance provided by Nate Cohn
Artwork by Jeff Rosenstock
Band photo by Scott Bell
Keys by Rick Johnson
Ben Graham uses Grover Pro Percussion / SilverFox Drumsticks
Cheap Girls wear shoes made by No Sweat Apparel

Thanks: Rick Johnson,Tom and Chris Graham, Terry Aymor, Erica Graham, Cale Sauter and Bermuda Mohawk, Shawn Quinn and Los Diaper, Scott Bell, Jeff Rosenstock, Nate Cohn, John Krohn, Ryan and Craig Horky, Joe Hart, Nate Maldonado, Diana ?, Emily Townsend, Frankie Knoch, Ben Keeler, Bailey Doyle, John Bruce, George and Char Johnson, Nick Diener, Casey Cooper, Ben Hassenger, Dave Kirchgessner, Corey Densmore, Nick Ditch, Mark Welch, Chris Urrabazo, Chuck and Mac's Bar, Joe and everyone at Marshall Music, No Sweat Apparel, Ten High Bourbon, Jeff Harrington at SilverFox, et cetera.


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Kind of on Purpose
Gravity - it doesn't like me when you take those corners so quickly. My head hits the glass, my body - the door. I've been a little bit better, I've been worse before 'cause we've got friends on the outside. I left some things in the Carolinas. I lost my keys, but then I found 'em. And I lost you too and that was kind of on purpose. Even when I'm right I can't be courteous to myself. That's why I'm always starting over. And I don't have the time it takes to put into words what I can't make out for myself. I just lie when I'm nervous and I'm always nervous. And that's the story with me and I can't say that I could stop tomorrow. I couldn't stop tomorrow. And boredom and alcohol met and got along too well and I should just stop speaking. I'm out of luck and out of money, out of sympathy. And that's the story with me. Let's not talk about me and now I'll say that I hope it's over. 'Cause I'm not enjoying all the commotion. And I'm taking notes from those with it together. Where did you go wrong? How did you make it right? "Well I met my match and let it hold me down until I couldn't breathe." Oh, I can't even breathe.

No One To Blame
Well I know everyone that there's no need to know in this city. I watch them all walk over one another but we all day it so there's no one to blame. I mastered myself. I found out all there was to find out. And if I didn't have bad health I'd have none at all. And maybe we were supposed to be somewhere else. I don't believe in anything that doesn't wear itself out unnaturally. I'm falling down the stairs to the beat of second guessing. I can pick it up halfway down on any street and take it home with me. I'm falling fast. I'm low and I'm guilty.

27 Days
Fuses blow like favors to electric bills with all the accessories, all the times like those and the times like these - I don't think anybody cares or sees that I'm home from my vacation. I heard a lot of stories, I took a lot of cold sweat naps. The time just flew right by! And it's been 27 days without you and I still feel the same except I'm not too tired to settle down. The ashtray on the windowsill still spins and shakes, it's blowing smoke my way. I'm checking locks 3,000 times and I'll fasten myself up for another day flipping through dictionaries, the pages marked in red from the paper's thread that's tearing open fingers on specific missions that only seem to want to reach the bottom. And it's been 27 days without you, etc. And it's time to put the cards down on the table. Come on, baby, let's see what we're made. It's been 27 days without you, etc.

Stop Now
The kids get drunk, the kids get sad - they start telling stories that they didn't even know they had. And me? I always leave early so this is just what I hear. The kids in the back are just up in arms that saying the same thing won't get 'em any new reaction. And we just need to stop now and change our rhythms to match up again. I keep getting all of your letters and they just look good in print. That guy from work - he is a friend of mine. He likes the 5/8 time he likes a 5th a night, it makes him feel alright. And I'd choose murder over heart attack. I can't take the news, I can't face the fact that this is all that I've really even ever had. It's easier to just swim under the bridge than to stand right up and walk over it. Then I rolled over and looked straight up and saw there was no bridge and that water dried right up. So I think we need to stop now, etc.

Stay High
Each and every night there's a demolition in this room. Get there soon because it's getting earlier and earlier with every day. A strong starter but a total waste. I'm quitting early out of fear of second place. Hey motherfucker keep looking down. Oh! Best wishes as you sing it now: "There's been no lesson learned that I will soon remember!" We've got no need to impress anyone, but as it goes we know which way feels better. And me? I wanna just see the clouds, stay high and glamorize laying down. Hey, do you think that you could help me out? Yeah motherfucker, let's sing it now: "There's been no lesson learned that I will soon remember." And let's see how ungraceful I can be.

A Lesser Rate
Oh I can relate to all of those things you said about life's little ugly things but I never thought I'd have to. I didn't wanna know just what it'd feel like to lose focus on this frequency and I'll drown in my dishonesty and I'm laughing now, hysterically because I should be further than I am. We're setting up to fall at a lesser rate. And what can I say when I do the opposite of what's always been good for me? I don't show it when I mean it. And I'm all of those things which I won't own up to: I show no common fucking decency and it's never made no sense to me. I'm in a bathroom thinking horribly because I should be further than I am. And I spent all money to get to sleep but when I die in dreams I don't wake up.

Parking Lot
Are you standing up or sitting down? I've got news to deliver to you and you're not gonna like the way it sounds. I've gone straight under and I've ripped the sails. I've buttoned my lip with liquid nails. I crossed my eyes and then I started falling right down in the parking lot. There's a Sunday rider on the corner every weekend. He makes his run, counts, leaps and sits. It always crosses my mind when I start sorting out the lost and found. Tonight I'm gonna spend just laying down, smoking all the pot that I just found. It was laying on the ground in the parking lot. I'm gonna set sail in a different sea, 'cause I can't clean up for anything. Crash landing's never been too good to me. I'm just standing in place making a mess of things.

I Should Never
September snuck right up on me. It passed by me in a basement dream where I was just cooling down for getting so worked up. I woke up and still felt the same. Go ahead and board all the windows because I can't see anything. Now I wanna know - what are you still doing here? And my friends aren't good for anything and thank god that this porch is blocked by trees. We could get wrapped up, held in custody. I should never try to strum six strings. I'll make a mess I can't clean up any time soon with the same question - what are you still doing here? And all of your words get stuck like splinters with no remedy to remove.

Kill Your Mood
At this point it's all just waitng. "I was moving on before the paint had a chance to dry" - still giving in and off my mark and you still wanna wreck me. You know I see it like a fight scene. You're tearing me up like I'm paper. I'll drink it out with the neighbors that keep me up at night when their stories are true. It's safe to say we're going crazy to maintain but right now I'd say we're just drifting. With every step I took I thought I heard the phone ringing. I think we've come a long way just to stand here shaking. And I met this new girl who swore she was gonna keep me faded when all of these days lead to nothing but dependencies. So let me kill your mood tonight. I'm gonna kill your mood again tonight. With every thought it comes out worse, I don't have a single one under a thousand words and I'd say we're just drifting.

Her and Cigarettes:
She spends her money on cigarettes and such. Well, I love her and cigarettes so much. My mother says that I smoke too much, well I love her and cigarettes so much. And we took the long way so we could have another. Everybody got bruised last night. We took our chances and we all wound up on the floor. She spends her money on the things that she regrets. Well I love her and cigarettes so much.

Through to Me
I don't go outside because I can't control the environment. And feeling's not quite the word. And my eyes are dead giveaways of how I spent today - emptying my pockets on countertops of all the bars on the streets and blocks. We came to the party to wait in the car and watch all the smokers clutter the yard. Twiddle your fingers back and forth and write it all off like we've done before. We can only stay for so long, we've got plans that will be gone by the time you get through to me. Cigarettes and sleeping pills - and I wash it all down with black coffee. Another working night with nonstop planning - what's it gonna be tonight? We've got no substitute for good and cheap substance abuse. With blurry eyes and fucked up smiles - our best disguises are all of the piles of shit that we talk and talk while everyone else just soaks and soaks. Oh! What I'll know when you get through to me. We get to the party just to wait in the car and watch all of the smokers clutter the yard. The fleeting figures always take too long, one's always just gotta hear her favorite song. Another one says that I must be wrong. They won't let me say what I mean, and you can't get right through to me.