"PEGASUSES is a fraternal order of the philosophical variety; a salon for ideas and a forum for what-if's. PEGASUSES is the challenge of channeling youth-rock kinetic energy (aggression) thru cold digital mediums. PEGASUSES is three dudes sussing it out."

"PEGASUSES is the coagulation of human potentials; the mathematical summation/equilibrium of achievements and agendas, ideologies and determinations, speculations and realities. PEGASUSES is that entire wave approaching peak velocity."

"PEGASUSES is the first successful airlaunched orbital launcher. It is a three stage solid fuel rocket with optional liquid fouth stage (HAPS) for improved performance. The original version was launched by NASA's Boeing NB-52 aircraft, while the later versions used OSC's Lockheed L-1011 aircraft. The Pegasuses-H (aka Hybrid Pegasuses) is the standard Pegasuses modified for L-1011 launch with the aft fins angled down to allow the L-1011's main gear retracting. The Performance of the Pegasuses was further improved by stretching the first and second stages to create the PEGASUSES-XL. A single stage derivative called HXLV will launch NASA's Hyper-X scramjet demonstrator. A ground launched wingless version with Castor-120 as first stage is called Taurus. The second and third stages form also the upper stages for the Minotaur."

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The Midnight Aquarium (2006)
Pegauses-XL (2006)
Third EP(2007)
The Antiphon (Ernest Jenning Recording Co.) (2008)


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